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Awaken your body, find your bliss, live your passion and embrace your joy with The 90-day Life Line Challenge!

Our body is not merely a mass of muscle, bone and flesh; it is a dynamic vehicle designed to transport our eternal soul through our earthly lifetime toward Spirit. It is our physical connection to Divine joy, a connection that allows us to experience Ananda, a Sanskrit word that translates as infinite happiness or bliss. The Vedic sages of ancient India taught us that living in a state of Ananda—a constant state of physical joy—is our natural birthright. Two thousand years ago, St. Paul wrote that “our body is our temple,” meaning that our body is where Spirit—the force of absolute love—dwells within us. In The 90-day Life Line Challenge! you will learn how to take possession of your temple and lay claim to your birthright. You will discover how to give and receive absolute love, how to reenergize every cell in your body and learn to experience the unwavering daily bliss of Ananda, no matter what hardships or heartaches life throws your way. Developing the life line through The Life Line Challenge! teaches us how to physically express the purest desires of the heart and mind and, in the process, fulfill your karma and manifest your dreams.

The 90-day Life Line Challenge! is a powerful and comprehensive stand-alone program, as well as an excellent companion course that perfectly syncs with the other two components in our Palmistry in Action trilogy—The 90-day Heart Line Challenge! and The 90-day Head Line Challenge! Taking all three courses allows you make the most of the three major lines of the palm and strike a healthy, life-changing balance of heart, mind and body. So, what are you waiting for? Revitalize your life line and start living your joy, sign up today for The 90-day Life Line Challenge!



What you get when you sign up for The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!:

  • A comprehensive, 200-page Life Line Challenge! PDF guidebook that is packed with invaluable how-to information on developing the ideal life line, practical tips for getting the most from your life line, and powerful insights drawn from the annals of Vedic wisdom and philosophy to help you create lasting joy in your daily life.
  • Dozens of inspiring real-life stories and handprints from Birla Center clients who have reenergized their bodies, discovered the dynamic bliss of living in Ananda and have transformed their lives by developing the life line.
  • An historic overview of Vedic palmistry, ancient and modern methods of restorative meditation and hands-on lessons in putting palmistry to work in your daily life.
  • An extensive discussion of the bio-chemistry of the Life Line—how it relates to our psychological outlook, emotions, thoughts, behavior and brain function.
  • Contemporary and ancient Vedic practices to harmonize and balance the energies of body, mind and soul through the Life Line.
  • Weekly exercises and yogic techniques designed to relax the body, calm the mind, become present in the moment, increase personal magnetism, build loving relationships and physically experience the state of constant joy known as Ananda.
  • A dozen Thoughts for The Week and weekly affirmations to keep you focused and motivated.
  • A weekly interactive journal designed to improve your relationship with yourself and your body image. We will guide you in your journal entries to help you love yourself, access your inner wisdom, ignite your intuition and discover ways to physically and lovingly work through your karma while manifesting your most cherished dreams and aspirations.
  • A dozen weekly videos to inspire, instruct and delight you featuring your personal Life Line coach, astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée! Guylaine will be with you every step of the way during the entire 12 weeks of The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!
  • Two sets of inked acetates to take your own “before and after” handprints, which will allow you to personally witness the amazing 90-day improvement in your Life Line!
  • Free access to our private Facebook Forum, where you can share your personal Life Line stories and enjoy the encouragement and support of other participants in The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!
  • A 15% discount on an hour-long analysis of your “before and after” handprints (in person or via Zoom video-conferencing) with one our senior Birla Center consultants.

Once you’ve signed up for The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!, you will receive an email explaining how the challenge works along with your personal access code to access the private Challenge! page on our website.

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The 90-Day Life Line Challenge promises to be the adventure of a lifetime:
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