Experience the Joy of Being Alive

The 90-day Life Line Challenge! completes the trilogy of our Palmistry in Action series and allows you to strike the perfect, healthy balance of heart, mind and body. Our body is the vehicle through which we experience what the ancient yogis of India referred to as Ananda, a Sanskrit world that translates as pure happiness or bliss. The yogis also told us that this sensation of physical joy is our natural birthright. Two thousand years ago, St. Paul wrote that “our body is our temple,” meaning that the body is where Spirit—the force of absolute love—dwells within us.

In The 90-day Life Line Challenge! you will learn how to take possession of your temple and claim your birthright. You will discover the joy of absolute love and how to live in a constant state of Ananda no matter what hardships or heartaches life throws your way. Developing the life line through The Life Line Challenge! teaches you how to physically express the purest desires of the heart and mind and, in the process, fulfill your karma and manifest your dreams.


What you get when you sign up for The Life Line Challenge: