Counseling Programs

Our counseling programs aim to help you achieve specific goals and overcome any issues that can cause you pain and prevent you from reaching your full potential. Birla Vedic International provides a safe and comfortable environment in which you can freely discuss and explore your feelings with one of our team of therapists. We are here to support you and help you find your own insights and understanding of your problems. If you are at a crossroads in your life, struggling to find your true calling or trying to shed entrenched behaviour patterns that are blocking you from experiencing real happiness, you have come to the right place. BVI’s Vedic Counseling Program provides personalized guidance that can shift you from where you are to where you want to be. These programs are done by phone, Skype or Zoom.

Self-Development Palmistry Program (3, 6 or 9 sessions)

In this program, all aspects of your hands are examined from the perspective of balance. An imbalance in your hand can seriously disrupt your sense of peace, happiness and harmony and bring discord into all the relationships in your life. The lines and signs in our hands do not form on their own; they are a product of our thoughts, behaviour, and perceptions. When our thoughts and actions are out of balance, the imbalance is manifested in our hands. We can re-establish equilibrium in our lives once we’ve modified our perception and behaviour, and the evidence of those changes will be reflected in our hand. This program focuses on the lines and signs of the hand to trace the source of the imbalance in your life, and then systematically implement changes to quickly restore balance and equilibrium. Handprints are taken at regular intervals to monitor progress and determine additional steps or adjustments needed to assure success. A workbook is included in the program.

Lorne: Harnessing one’s full potential through the Self-Development Palmistry Program

Lorne was in his late 20s and had no drive or direction in his life. Although he had finished school several years before and was in a relationship with a young woman who cared for him deeply, he was still living with his parents, had no job or interest in looking for work, wouldn’t return to school, and refused to join the family business despite his father’s repeated requests for him to do so. To add more pressure to the situation, Lorne’s girlfriend, Vanessa, was demanding that he make a long-term commitment to her.

Then Lorne’s father, who was a Birla client, brought Lorne for a consultation. The prints of Lorne that were taken before his first session were very “raw”, the only lines that were clearly visible were the major ones – the heart, head and life lines. The absence of all other lines reflected what was happening in his life at the time, which was very little—Lorne had become stuck; he had failed to explore or develop his natural talents and had not been growing as a person. He had a large Mars on his palm, denoting a reservoir of great energy, but he had no focus or creative ideas in which to channel that energy.

Meanwhile, the handprints of Vanessa, who also attended the reading, showed a weak Mars but a strong Saturn. This denoted low energy but a highly disciplined mind and a capacity to think creatively. After just one session Lorne realized how important Vanessa was to him on many different fronts and committed himself to her. They soon married and began building both a family and a highly successful business they both loved. Lorne had signed up for the Self-Development Palmistry Program, so he returned for several follow up sessions and had new sets of handprints taken. The change in his prints was remarkable. After six months, Lorne had developed many minor lines, showing a conscious awareness of his abilities. Not only did he develop a strong destiny line, revealing a burgeoning career, and a Sun line, suggesting magnetism and success, but he had also developed a union line, showing his growing commitment to Vanessa. Palmistry helped Lorne recognize his weaknesses and strengths, channel his energy, follow his heart, and realize his full potential. He and Vanessa have remained loyal clients for many years.