Dare to Open Your Mind and Embark on This Life-Changing Journey of Consciousness

Transform your world through the power of the head line! Free your mind and embrace a happier, healthier, more loving and successful life in just 90 days!

Our thoughts determine how we live, how we feel and how we love. But too often our thoughts are beyond our control; they can easily become prisoners of our past experiences or victims of our present circumstances. When our mind is cluttered with worries, fears and misconceptions, or weighed down with guilt, we become trapped in a crippling loop of negativity and self-doubt. Constantly bombarded by the relentless noise of daily living, it is difficult to decipher what our true feelings actually are, let alone rely on them to build a loving relationship, successful career or happy life.

The ancient science of Vedic palmistry tells us that the mind is governed by the head line. Learning the secrets of the head line allows us to tame our thoughts and develop the inner peace, mental clarity, objectivity and emotional security necessary to express our true selves, reach our full potential, and love honestly, deeply and without fear.

The One-on-One 90-Day Head Line Challenge reveals those secrets, enabling you to improve you head line (and your life!) in just 90 days. Dare to open your mind and embark on this life-changing journey of consciousness. Master your thoughts and shape your destiny. Take The One-on-One 90-Day Head Line Challenge, and happiness, success and peace of mind are just 90 days away!


Weekly Themes

The Challenge covers every aspect of the head line in detail and explores how we can channel our thoughts more productively and creatively with tools and wisdom found in the 5,000-year-old science of Vedic palmistry. We have encapsulated all of this into twelve Weekly Themes:

Week One:         Hearing The Still Voice of Our Soul
Week Two:         Meet Your Head Line
Week Three:      Looking Under The Hood
Week Four:        The King of The Hand
Week Five:         The Art of Concentration
Week Six:           The Magnificent Machine
Week Seven:      The Path of The Head Line
Week Eight:       Diving Into Mars Negative
Week Nine:        The Mount of Rahu—Enter The Dragon
Week Ten:          Rahu—Gateway to Our Destiny
Week Eleven:     Voyage of Self-Discovery
Week Twelve:     Our Spiritual Journey—Time Is of The Essence

What The One-on-One Program* includes

In addition to the One-on-One weekly personal coaching, you will have access to:

  • An extensive, 200-plus-page Guidebook in a PDF format packed with practical how-to information on developing a powerful head line and directing your thoughts to create the life you want.
  • Insightful lessons from Vedic philosophy on how to quiet your mind, look inward to discover your true self and tap into the limitless spiritual energy at the center of your being.
  • An examination of the latest developments in neuroscience, the interplay between modern brain research and the ancient wisdom of Vedic palmistry, and methods of combining the two systems to strengthen the head line.
  • Weekly exercises designed to still the mind, develop emotional intuitiveness (the third eye), and get rid of negative thoughts and self-doubt.
  • Yogic techniques to heighten self-awareness and boost personal magnetism by developing your ability to perceive more objectively, choose more wisely and behave more thoughtfully.
  • Pages of helpful illustrations and dozens of inspiring real-life stories from people who have discovered happiness and peace of mind by developing their head line.
  • Dozens of “before and after” handprints from Birla Center clients who’ve transformed their head lines and their lives through Vedic palmistry.
  • A dozen Thoughts for The Week and Positive Affirmations to keep you motivated.
  • A dozen inspiring instructive videos by astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée, inspiring you every step of the way throughout the entire 12-week Head Line Challenge.
  • Two sets of inked acetates to take your own “before and after” handprints and witness the amazing improvement in your head line yourself!


Quebec and Federal Accreditation
The Birla College is recognized as an accredited educational institution both by the Quebec Provincial Government and the Federal Government of Canada. Residents of Canada are eligible for tax rebates for courses/programs taken.


Take the One-on-One Head Line Challenge and Change Your Life Forever - You Are Worth It!

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