Take Advantage of Our Peace in Turbulent Times November Giveaway!

November is shaping up to be one of the most unsettling months in a long series of unsettling months. Dealing with the chaos of the U.S. election, rising COVID numbers, more lock downs, prolonged isolation and lingering economic uncertainty is enough to shatter our peace and drive anyone to distraction. That’s why the Birla Center is delighted to offer you a very special offer to ensure you remain calm and connected to your peaceful inner anchor during these turbulent times.

Throughout the month of November, when you sign up for one of us bestselling, life-changing 90-Day Challenges, you will receive a FREE RECORDING of one of our beautiful, professionally produced mantras—either the Gayatri Mantra or the Shiva Mantra, the choice is yours.

Produced and performed by our own Peter Keogh, our resident musical genius, and renowned Canadian musician, Serge Fiori, the Gayatri and Shiva mantras will fill you with a sense of peace and give you the inner strength to deflect stress and anxiety and calmly deal with daily struggles. You will absorb the peaceful, healing vibrations of these age-old mantras whether you choose to chant along or listen to them silently.

And best of all, you will be rejuvenating the energies of your heart, mind and body by diving into the Self-Paced 90-Day Challenge you signed up for, be it The Heart Line, Head Line or Life Line Challenge.

Don’t delay, sign up for our Peace in Turbulent Times November giveaway today!
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As soon as we receive your registration to one of our 90-Day Challenges, we will contact you in order to send you the mantra of your choice on MP3.