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We’ve all, at times, felt insecurity, fear, distrust, jealousy, grief and/or isolation. They are part of the human experience. BUT, if we stay in those feelings, we will repel the very love that we seek in our lives. Ghanshyam says, “as we think and feel so do we attract.”

We are all born with the capacity to love perfectly, but life and ego often get in our way and trip us up. Our capacity to love fully and purely is found in our heart center, which Eastern yogis refer to as our heart chakra. Opening the heart chakra, or heart center, takes a bit of work. It is the primary and most important challenge we will encounter in The One-on-One 90-Day Heart Line Challenge, as it forces us to evolve as a person. This can sometimes be painful as it means letting go of mindsets we have held onto for years because they have made us feel safe or comfortable, even if they have been bad for us. But when we take that step, when we dare to open our heart center and evolve in our capacity to love, we will tap into a power beyond our reckoning.

The human heart is the most powerful energy source in the universe. The Challenge focuses on how you can tap into that energy, allowing you to achieve all you want in love and life, unburdened by fears, worries and anxieties. Through The Challenge, you will realize it is possible to experience deep inner contentment and unimaginable joy and triumph in your life.

The Challenge is about understanding yourself at the deepest level and developing the best of you. You will learn how to give and receive love unconditionally, share your feelings and emotions without guilt or fear, and be kind and caring with everyone in your life! It will dramatically help if you are having difficulty in your love life, are searching for a new romance, or are striving to bring more balance and harmony to your current relationships. The changes will be reflected in your life and your improving heart line.

The Challenge is your doorway to love in all its wonderful manifestations. Register for The One-on-One 90-Day Heart Line Challenge and fill your life with love. It will truly change your life!

Your personal counselor and coach will inspire and support you throughout the program to ensure you never feel discouraged, overwhelmed or tempted to abandon your positive resolve. Our programs provide a framework that keeps the participant fully engaged in their own transformation.

Weekly Themes

The Heart Line Challenge covers every aspect of the heart line in detail and explores the art of bringing love into your lives with tools and wisdom found in the 5,000-year-old science of Vedic palmistry. We have encapsulated all of this into twelve Weekly Themes that leave no stone unturned when it comes to learning how to freely give and receive love in all areas of our lives:

Week One:        The Open Heart—The Open Hand
Week Two:        Seeking Balance in Body, Mind and Heart
Week Three:     The Heart-Mind Connection—Seeking Coherence
Week Four:       Two Hands Are Better Than One
Week Five:        Five States of The Human Heart: Letting Our Love Evolve
Week Six:          Journey of The Heart
Week Seven:     Befriending Our Jupiter
Week Eight:      The Power of Saturn—Fire, Forgiveness and Transformation
Week Nine:       The Power of Sun—True Love and the True You
Week Ten:         The Magnetic Sun—Attracting Your Heart’s Desire
Week Eleven:    Mercury—Contentment, Enlightenment and The Freedom of Expression
Week Twelve:    The Beauty of the Changing Heart

What The One-on-One Program* includes

In addition to the One-on-One weekly personal coaching, you will have access to:

  • An extensive Heart Line Guidebook in a PDF format packed with how-to information, useful tips, helpful illustrations and dozens of inspiring real-life stories about finding love and happiness.
  • Dozens of ‘before and after’ handprints from Birla Center clients whose heart lines have been transformed with palmistry.
  • Weekly exercises to open your heart chakra and increase your personal magnetism.
  • A dozen “Thoughts for the Week” and Positive Affirmations to keep you motivated.
  • A Journal Section at the end of each weekly lesson to help you gain insight into the workings of your heart and draw more love into your life!
  • A dozen inspiring 10-minute-long weekly videos by Guylaine Vallée, inspiring your every step of the way throughout the entire 12-week Heart Line Challenge.
  • Two sets of inked acetates to take your own ‘before and after’ handprints and witness the amazing change in your heart line for yourself!


* Quebec and Federal Accreditation
The Birla College is recognized as an accredited educational institution both by the Quebec Provincial Government and the Federal Government of Canada. Residents of Canada are eligible for tax rebates for courses/programs taken.

Take the One-on-One Heart Line Challenge and change your life forever—you are worth it.

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