During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to have an open, understanding and loving heart. At the Birla Center, our greatest desire is to help you achieve this. To do so we’ve merged two of our most successful programs into one unique package that is certain to make your life more peaceful and loving. And we are offering it to you at the lowest price possible!

It all begins with The 90-Day Self-Paced Heart Line Challenge, in which Ghanshyam combines the wisdom of Vedic philosophy with the insights of Vedic palmistry to bring you practical, easy-to-master methods that allow you to

  • Overcome any emotional blocks
  • Share your feelings honestly and openly
  • Heal emotional wounds and traumas through forgiveness
  • Become kinder and more caring toward everyone in your life
  • Develop calmness, patience and peace of mind

To enhance the effectiveness and healing power of the Heart Line Challenge, Ghanshyam has created the intensely personal Healing with the Heart Webinar, a series of 12 recorded sessions that dive deeply into the Challenge’s weekly lessons to ensure you get the most from all the wonderful benefits the program has to offer.

We are delighted that we can offer you both the Heart Line Challenge (Reg. $147) and Healing with the Heart Webinar (Reg. $200) as a single package for just $147. It is an ideal combination that will unlock all the power and potential of your heart.

Please use this opportunity to turn these days of uncertainty into years of peace and love!
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