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Luna and The Power of Perception

The Key to Staying Sane in a World in Transition

During these turbulent times of global pandemic, runaway inflation, political strife and international conflict, it has never been more important to be able to clearly see and hear what is happening around us.

Do you want to:
  • Learn how to overcome stress and anxiety?
  • Use your imagination creatively, not as a source of worry, fear and confusion?
  • Maintain your peace of mind, even when the rest of the world seems to being going insane?

This fall, master the power of perception with astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée as she guides you on an incredible journey of empowerment that will transform your vision of your world and the way you live.

What is the Moon?

In Vedic palmistry the Mount of Moon, or Luna, is known as the mount of the mind and emotions. As the first mount in the hand, Luna is where our perceptions (and misperceptions) of the world around us are formed. So, these days, with confusion, conflict and uncertainty everywhere, we need to be in full control of our Luna and the power of our perception. A well-directed Luna ensures we can maintain our poise, mental focus and peace of mind, even amidst the turmoil around us.

Luna and The Power of Perception is a new and comprehensive ten-week online course that includes a weekly video, course book and a weekly live webinar hosted by Vedic astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée. In her usual fun, fast-paced and informative style, Guylaine will guide you through the course material and teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your Luna. You will learn to overcome stress and anxiety, separate fact from fiction, and to use your imagination creatively, not as a source of worry, fear and confusion.

A calm Luna reflects a calm and peaceful mind—enroll in this new, exciting program today.

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The Moon and Me

Lesson 1: Introduction

The Moon and Vedic Philosophy

 In this introductory lesson, we explore the philosophical roots of Vedic palmistry, the nature of the self, the essence of physical, mental and spiritual energy, and the vitally important role the Mount of Moon plays in the formation of our thoughts and emotions. We will also learn how to use the power of Luna to elevate our awareness, shape the path of our spiritual evolution and to experience the joy in our daily lives.

Lesson 2

The Moon and Its Key Relationships

In this lesson, we learn why the Vedic sciences regard the Moon (Luna) as the cornerstone of happiness, peace of mind and overall success in our life. The power of Luna is the power of perception: it governs our five physical senses, which means it determines the way we interpret, experience and respond to whatever is happening around us. When our Luna is out of whack we can easily misperceive, misinterpret and misjudge everything we see and hear, which can obviously wreak havoc on our relationships, career and emotional stability. Understanding and mastering our Moon energy frees our mind of fear, paranoia and self-doubt. It puts us in charge of our destiny and enables us to tap into our spiritual nature, thereby discovering our authentic self, channeling our imagination creatively, enjoying peace of mind and maintaining an emotional equilibrium even when the world around is engulfed in chaos.

Lesson 3

Taking the Measure of a Balanced Moon

In this lesson, we learn to identify the development of the Mount of Moon and determine if its energy is calm and balanced, overactive and agitated, or underactive to the point that it is difficult to perceive things objectively. We will discover that the Moon occupies a very specific area in the palm with well-defined boundaries. We will examine the cause and effect of cases where Luna either encroaches on a neighboring mount or is unable to claim its entire territory. So, have a ruler and pencil handy because we will be taking Luna’s full measure (width, length and height) to assess its level of balance.

Lesson 4

The Disharmony and Drama of An Overactive Luna

In this lesson, we examine how an overactive Mount of Moon can be highly creative but, at the same time, if not properly channeled, can agitate our thoughts and emotions, producing unnecessary drama in our lives. With an overactive Luna, our imagination is in overdrive so we can misinterpret events and misjudge the words, actions and motives of others. Our reactions may be irrational, erratic and self-destructive. Consequently, the people in our lives may feel uneasy around us, not knowing what to expect. We will explore practical and highly effective steps to return an overactive Moon to a state of harmony and balance.

Lesson 5

The Underactive Moon: Overcoming Emotional Trauma

In this lesson, we learn that an underactive Luna can be a sign of past (or past life) emotional trauma. We tend to misunderstand or be suspicious of people’s intentions and retreat into ourselves to dwell on our pain, nurse resentments and avoid being hurt again. An underactive Mount of Moon can rob us of vigor and vitality, leaving us unmotivated and despondent. We will explore practical and highly effective steps to restore an underactive Moon to a state of harmony and balance. In the process, we will discover how the underactive Luna can be a valuable learning opportunity through which we can grow in wisdom and become genuinely compassionate and loving individuals.

Lesson 6

Determining Our Level of Objectivity: Morphology Tests on The Mount of Moon

In this lesson, we explore the subjective nature of perception and the discord that can arise when our version of reality differs from that of others. To ensure that our perceptions are true and accurate we will learn to use morphology testing, one of the most powerful tools in Vedic palmistry for assessing the level of objectivity in a mount. We will test Luna’s texture, consistency, color and temperature. The results will tell us what must be done to establish a more objective outlook, free of personal or societal prejudices. We want our Luna to be an impartial observer that does not skew our perceptions with bias and preconceived notions.

Lesson 7

The Three Worlds of the Moon

In this lesson, we explore the three worlds of Luna that are comprised of the three fundamental energies of creation—sattwa, rajas and tamas, which relate to our heart, mind and body respectively. When we balance our three worlds, we tap into the love, freedom and inspiration that reside within us. We can then express our emotions with greater ease, free of compulsions and restrictions. Our thoughts are more peaceful, enabling us to see things more objectively. As a result, we can channel our imagination more productively. Ultimately, striving for harmony in the three worlds expands our consciousness so that we can feel a connection to others through the boundless ocean of Spirit.

Lesson 8

Checking the Landscape of Luna: The Importance of Skin Formations on Our Moon

In this lesson, we examine the papillary ridges on Luna, which represent deeply ingrained psychological characteristics and behavioral patterns we have either formed in our youth or carried with us from past lifetimes. Studying ridge formations on Luna gives us insight into our “superconscious” mind and reflects the level of harmony that exists in our thoughts and feelings. We will learn how to identify negative ridge formations and look at ways to dissolve any harmful thought patterns and unhealthy behaviors. We will see how to create a smooth flow in our energy that brings about greater balance in our mind—including our perception, imagination, thoughts and emotions.

Lesson 9

Activity on Luna: The Conscious Expression of Our Moon

In this lesson, we look at “activity” on Luna, meaning the appearance of small lines and other markings that tell us whether our mind is calm and peaceful, or at war with itself. Wisdom markings appear on Luna when we achieve a deep understanding of our perceptions, emotions, ideas and feelings. They show that we are actively working towards reaching a greater level of maturity, wisdom and emotional depth. In contrast, negative markings and interference lines create turbulence on the Moon, adversely affecting our perception, peace of mind and emotional wellbeing. They are a warning signal telling us that we need to find a creative outlet through which to channel our ideas and emotions. We will learn how to develop wisdom signs and eradicate negative markings on Luna.

Lesson 10

The Moon as the Leading Force in the Hand

In this lesson, we study what it means to have Luna as the “leading force” in the hand and the astrological birth chart. Understanding the Moon as a leading force gives us enormous insight into what propels the Lunarian nature and its psychological and emotional makeup. A dominant mount steers us toward the work, hobbies, vocations and relationships that best suit our nature and personality. We will examine multiple case studies reflecting both the positive and negative expression of Luna energy, and learn how to use the enormous power of the Mount of Moon to achieve our goals in a calm and peaceful manner.

Who Can Benefit from This Course?

  • Anyone in search of hope, inspiration and joy.
  • Those who wish to overcome any feelings of fear and anxiety.
  • Anyone who finds it difficult to relate or reach out to others.
  • Those in search of peace of mind.
  • Those who want to think more objectively.
  • Those seeking to express themselves more creatively.
  • Those who want to develop their intuition.
  • Anyone who wants to tap into the unlimited power of love within them.

What are you waiting for?

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A Profound Peace of Mind


Greater Emotional Well-Being


A More Objective Outlook on Life

What the course includes

Duration: 10 weeks

Online Course material: 200+ pages

Online Videos: Welcome + 10 videos (approx. 20-30 minutes each)

Webinars: 10 Live Weekly Webinars (every Thursday on Zoom)

Date: September 22st to November 24rd, 2022

Time: 1:30 to 2:30 pm, Daylight Savings Time

Cost: $379

The course starts on September 22nd. Looking forward to seeing you there!