Guylaine's Spring Webinars on Zoom

Thursdays at 1:30pm.


Every week, Guylaine will explore the personal connection to the power of universal love and how to channel that awesome energy into your relationships through practical advice, tips and techniques.

Guylaine will also analyze the astrological chart for the week so you can have a better idea how to navigate the planets’ influence in your life and the world around you.



June 1      Papillary Formation on the Mount of Venus

Break out the magnifying glass! This week Guylaine examines the microscopic skin ridges (papillaries) that are the fundamental foundation of all activity on Venus. The papillary structure significantly influences the flow and direction of your Venus energy, which in turn has a major impact on your expression of love. You will learn how to overcome any difficulties that troublesome papillary formations create in how you live and the way you love.



June 8      Wisdom and Obstruction: Markings That Affect the Expression of Venus

This week Guylaine explores the presence of minor lines and signs on the Venus mount, which are indicators of how well or poorly we are expressing love to others. You will discover the significance of each marking and learn to interpret their meaning. Guylaine will present methods of eradicating negative signs that block your love and how to develop positive minor lines that energize your Venus and allow its most loving characteristics to rise and shine. Positive markings increase your personal charisma and magnetism, drawing more and more love into your lives.



June 15      The Many Faces of Venus as a Leading Force

This week Guylaine takes a close-up look at Venus’ relationship with the life line. The major line of life ideally encircles the Venus mount and ensures its powerful energy remains contained and properly focused. She will also examine the life line’s role in safeguarding your physical health and conveying prana, the cosmic life force energy, to and from the Mount of Venus. You will discover ways to repair a broken life line to guarantee you can enjoy a long, healthy and love-filled life.


Each one-hour live webinar: $49. To attend a webinar, click here to register.

For more information, call Denise toll-free at 866-428-3799 or 819-428-4298.