Graduate Program

Level 6 - Coaching Series

Fifty years of experience has taught us that the greatest, single obstacle preventing us from making a major, positive impact on a client’s life is not maintaining regular contact with them.

Recurrent counselling on a regular basis provides the client with the consistent mentoring, advice, course corrections and steady encouragement needed to make profound (and positive) changes in their thoughts and attitudes—changes that will not only be dramatically illustrated and reflected in the lines of their hand, but in a life that is filled with more loving relationships, improved self-image, peace of mind, and overall happiness and success.

As a valued and highly trained member of the Birla Center college, we want you to be an integral part of the ongoing success of our transformative programs. To that end, we have developed a Graduate Coaching Program based on our Palmistry-in-Action series.

P-601: Coach-Training Workshop: The Heart Line Challenge

As you discovered during your Vedic palmistry studies, the human heart is the most powerful energy source in the universe. A long, deep and balanced heart line allows us to tap into the Universal Power of Love and use that unlimited energy to create a life overflowing with loving relationships, happiness, radiant health and personal fulfillment.

We designed The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge because we wanted as many people as possible to learn how to develop their heart line and transform their lives through love. Our efforts succeeded beyond our wildest dreams! With Guylaine acting as personal coach, The Heart Line Challenge has become the most popular (and successful) program in Birla Center history.

We have developed a Coach-Training Workshop built around The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge to help you learn how to work one-on-one with your clients, coaching them on how to fully develop their heart line as you guide them along the remarkable three-month, life-changing journey of The Heart Line Challenge.

Two-Part Coach-Training Workshop will allow you to:

  • Be thoroughly instructed on how to best coach your clients;
  • Remain in touch with your client on a monthly, or even weekly, basis during The Challenge’s 12-week duration;
  • Help your clients navigate, understand and apply the weekly lessons, philosophy, tools and exercises of The Challenge;
  • Solidify your relationship with your clients, ensuring they get the most from all the wonderful benefits The Challenge has to offer;
  • Be with your clients on a shared track with a common goal—a happier and more loving existence;
  • Become a better palmist and serve your client better.

Format of the Workshop

The Coach-Training Workshop will be conducted by Guylaine during two intensive weekends of study, hands-on practice and in-depth discussions.

The two-weekend Workshop covers the 12 lessons of The Challenge. Part I is devoted to the first six lessons of The Challenge, and Part II is devoted to the last six.


Participants must have taken The Challenge. And in order to make your workshop experience all the more rewarding, we recommend you to review the material before the workshop.

If you haven't taken The Challenge, call the Birla Center to take advantage of our Graduate offer.

We request all participants to bring a copy of the lessons of The Heart Line Challenge as this will be used as the basis for the workshop.

Workshop Information

DATES: Weekends of April 6-7, 2019 & May 3-4, 2019
WHERE: The Wellness Retreat Center in Chénéville
COST: $300 (can be paid in two installments for the two weekends)
LODGING: Ask about out discount on lodging

Please reserve in advance by calling 514-488-2292 or toll free 866-428-3799.