Decades of experience have taught us that Vedic palmistry is one of the best tools at our disposal for exploring the innermost corners of the human psyche. Studying the handprints of tens of thousands of clients has confirmed that all our hopes and dreams, phobias and fears, desires and disease, attitudes and addictions are registered in our hands. In short, the root causes for the imbalances in our personal energy and in our lives can be identified in the features of our palms.

Palmistry is a powerful tool that can be used to promote positive change and healing; it is also a highly effective preventive measure to avoid mental, emotional and physical illness. And because the lines of our hands change as our actions and attitudes change, palmistry is an extraordinary barometer of personal growth. Indeed, Vedic palmistry is a tried and true method of creating, restoring and maintaining balance in our lives.

Introduction to Vedic Palmistry, the first course in our Vedic Palmistry Program, will equip you with all the tools and information you need to learn about your innermost self and understand the actions and attitudes of others. In the process, you will create a happier life as well as a new and better you.

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