By Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer


To help you better navigate the year ahead, Ghanshyam has drawn up a chart for the New Year trends that forecast what we can expect in 2023. So, let’s take a look at what 2023 has in store for us astrologically.



Astrologically speaking, as many of you are aware, when you have a reading, we draw up a hora chart. According to Indian astrology, a horoscope is prepared at the time of your consultation because depending on the time and the positioning of planets, each hour is of utmost importance giving information on which planets are working in our favor and which ones are detrimental. The word ‘Hora’ translates into ‘Hour’ which signifies the prominence of each hour. Consequently, we’ve drawn up a Hora Chart to pinpoint the placement of the planets at the stroke of midnight on January 1st. This special chart reveals a wealth of information about what to expect in 2023 and provides us with insights into its themes and trends.

In the chart of 2023, we see the sign Virgo in the 1st house. This is considered auspicious as its ruler, Mercury, provides us with knowledge and intelligence. What’s more Mercury is placed in the 5th house related to our intellect, love, creativity and children. Mercury is in the sign of a good friend, Capricorn, which awakens our creativity to express in any form that inspires us—creating children, books or art out of love and giving a sense of pleasure.


Need for Greater Discernment

Even though having Mercury in the 5th house stirs our heart to express and share our joy, Mercury is not alone in the house as it is sitting with three other planets: Venus, Saturn and Pluto. This has a mixed effect on Mercury as the combined planetary energies of this configuration can compromise our discernment, both personally and on the world stage. Consequently, there could be a lack of cooperation, slowing down progress in efforts to solve such pressing global issues as climate change, nuclear proliferation, poverty and hunger.

The 5th house representing the mind shows that all of us—from the working person to world leaders—are contemplating finding solutions. We want to rehabilitate our systems of governance by developing greater integrity, getting rid of corruption and finding methods to extend help to all members of society. And with regards to our personal outlook, Mercury in the 5th house shows a greater care and concern to share our love and empathy on a deeper level.

However, having Pluto in the 5th house is likely to disrupt that process by initiating major global changes. Pluto is similar to the Hindu god Shiva, the creator and destroyer breaking down structures then creating new ones in their place. Having Pluto sitting side-by-side with Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the same house can create political upheaval as well as cultural and social conflict. The general unrest will prompt international groups, corporations and entire nations to form new alliances, first as a matter of protection and self-preservation, and then later as means of self-enrichment. Indeed, greed is still an issue for the foreseeable future.

Sadly, it appears the current tensions engulfing our planet will not be resolved in 2023. In fact, indications are that peaceful days will elude us for another 10 to 15 years due to utter suffering being caused by war, lack of food, air pollution, contaminated water, emerging viruses, homelessness, etc. Meanwhile, Mother Nature will continue to revolt with weather systems becoming more violent and unpredictable as temperatures keep rising along with ocean levels—all of which will add to the already overwhelming refugee crisis.


Acts of Kindness

Although we may feel safe far away from conflict zones and displaced person’s camps, we are not immune to the fear, stress and anxiety being generated by the unstable global situation. This can create a sense of frustration in us because, as mentioned, there are a lot of good things happening in the 5th house that are urging us to spread kindness and love through our creativity, ideas and actions. Even the smallest act of kindness or selflessness can have a major impact on someone’s life and our simple gesture nudges us closer to a more peaceful, tolerant and caring world.

Hopefully people will use this time to focus on the positive aspects of the 5th house and engage in self-understanding practices, such as yoga and meditation, that heighten and enlighten our awareness. Indeed, self-reflection, the peaceful exchange of ideas and a shared desire for the common good will inspire people around the world to think more objectively and work together to help humanity. Greater awareness will allow us to set aside our differences and co-create policies and methodologies to eliminate the need for conflict, restore peace to the world and reduce all human suffering.

A positive aspect of 2023’s chart is the fact that Sun is in Sagittarius in the 4th house. The 4th house represents our deep comfort zone and is associated with the warmth of home, our mother and our native land. The 4th house provides us with a feeling of security and a deep sense of happiness that makes us want to stay in one place and put down roots—a desire that is intensified with the presence of Sun in Sagittarius. However, because the Sun is related to the sign Leo in the 12th house (the house of loss), there may be a struggle to maintain a sense of equilibrium due to an unsettled heart.

The Moon, relating to our perception and emotions, is in the sign Aries in the 8th house along with Rahu and Uranus. This suggests that throughout 2023 many countries will make unsuccessful efforts to restore peace, safety and security to the world. Rahu in Aries will keep offering advice and recommendations for ending strife and conflict that could end up being both divisive and fruitless.

Luckily, Scorpio is the natural sign of the 8th house, reflecting the cycles of death and rebirth. It is associated with the underground, and all that is not immediately apparent to the physical eye. This includes the physical world of hidden treasure; for example, the ability to discover ancient artefacts, precious gems, and so on. Scorpio and the 8th house also relate to the metaphysical underworld, the world of our psyche (psychotherapy and metaphysical sciences such as astrology and palmistry) and our infinite soul. Having the Moon placed in the 8th house in the 2023 Hora indicates a willingness to search for the truth no matter how painful the process, which will help us in our personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Indeed, we will gain the greatest planetary benefits in 2023 if we focus on the energies of the Moon as it has a relation with its sign Cancer placed in the 11th house associated with gains of all kinds. Doing so will deepen our consciousness and help us discover the greatest hidden treasure of all—our soul. In fact, the Hora strongly suggests we will be successful in this effort because Mars, the ruler of the 8th house, is sitting in the 9th house—the house of good karma, morality and spiritual values. Additionally, Mars is aspecting its own sign of Scorpio in the 3rd house of bravery. This tells us that, despite the chaos of the outside world, if we set our mind to raising our consciousness, we can bring greater peace and understanding into the world—rest assured, we can do it!


Jupiter on Our Side

The best part of the New Year chart is having Jupiter in the 7th house, relating to our subconscious, the unseen 9/10th of an iceberg, our “better half” and our feelings toward our colleagues. Jupiter is the planet of spirituality, heightened awareness and wisdom. Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is known for its ability to expand our minds, hearts, and souls. It is a teacher, eager to open us up to the endless opportunities in our lives and all possibilities our world has to offer us. Jupiter is all about reaching further and going beyond our boundaries.

What’s more, in the 2023 chart, Jupiter is in its own sign of Pisces, bringing out the best that Jupiter has to offer. It blesses us with an intuitive understanding of the spiritual dimension of life, helping us realize that human life is a precious gift given to us to fulfill an ennobling purpose. Ultimately, the mystical nature of Pisces may result in a state of joy, including a love for the divine within and for all humanity. Pisces relates to the potential of seeing the sacred in everything and, consequently, becoming the sign of the healer.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore represents boundlessness. Jupiter’s presence in Pisces helps to magnify this expansive way of living, helping us experience a depth of thought, emotion and understanding we otherwise would never «have dreamed possible. Further, Jupiter in Pisces in the 7th house relating to our subconscious reveals we all want peace. We are tired of facing insecurity and uncertainty, and are longing for a lifestyle that reflects more tranquillity free from any agitation, disputes and turmoil. Well, with 2023’s auspicious Jupiter-Pisces connection, we might just get it! How?

Jupiter in Pisces in the 7th house enriches everything it touches due to its positive attitude and commitment to goodness. Hence, we should do our best to embrace those qualities especially since Jupiter is also aspecting an exalted Cancer in the gains house. So, if our mind is open and our attitude is good, all kinds of success are awaiting us in the coming year. Nevertheless, we must remain strong and centered in ourselves—it is important not to dwell on any negativity or criticism and to maintain a unified feeling with others because, as the saying goes, “divided we fall”.

One challenge to maintaining our peace of mind is Jupiter’s placement with Neptune in the 7th house. Neptune has a duel nature; it is the planet of inspiration but also the planet of illusion and confusion. Nevertheless, it will support Jupiter as long as we follow our heart and listen to our intuition. Indeed, we will get ourselves into trouble if we fail to attune to the whispers of our intuition and instead use our mind to justify the reasons for the actions we take in order to get what we want. Consequently, we have to monitor our attitude and try to remain as objective and honest with ourselves regarding our motivations.


How To Benefit From The New Year's Chart

Even though the sign Cancer in the 11th house is exalted (at its strongest) by Jupiter’s aspect, it is also being bombarded by all the planets opposing it in the 5th house—Saturn, Pluto, Venus and Mercury—and not one of those planets is a friend of Cancer. In many ways, this scenario will make our journey through 2023 a bit like walking along a razor’s edge to ensure the goodness of Jupiter prevails and not the temptations, desires and tests coming from the opposing planets. Hence, we must make a conscious effort to follow the path set out for us by Jupiter in Pisces. How can we do this? By embracing the qualities of empathy, kindness and consideration for others. Boosting Jupiter qualities is of utmost importance as Jupiter, in the chart of 2023, is the only planet that can bring out the best of the 11th house, including prosperity and the fulfillment of our aspirations and desires.

Also, we must look to the 5th house—the house of the mind—and channel its creativity to deepen our understanding of the human condition; we must strive to love everyone in our lives, care for our children, protect the vulnerable and express kindness in our words and deeds. By practicing meditation, mantra recitation and pranayama on a regular basis, we will open our spiritual core and radiate peace.

As everyone is aware, all things in life must pass; neither the good nor the bad times last forever—they are evolutionary cycles our consciousness experiences on our journey through existence. As long as we are committed to wisdom, love and peace, our heart will remain settled in joy no matter what 2023 brings our way. Let’s make an effort to meditate together and wish eternal peace, happiness and joy to the world and one another.


God Bless you all!


Ghanshyam Singh Birla