Create a Winning Plan for 2023 with

Our Resident Astro-Palmists Denise Parisé and Colette Hemlin


Colette Hemlin

Denise Parisé

Denise Parisé and Colette Hemlin have been spreading sunshine while studying and practicing Vedic palmistry at the Birla Center for more than three decades. Besides being our resident problem solvers, their combined knowledge, wisdom and warmth remain a constant source of inspiration.

To call them gifted astro-palmists would be an understatement; their empathy, understanding and profound level of practical experience make them truly extraordinary Vedic practitioners. They are the perfect choice to help you create a winning plan for 2023.

Colette is available as a personal online coach to guide you through any of our online courses and Denise is available for private consultations and our Challenge programs via Zoom.


Book Now for Your Year-Round Savings

If you book with Colette or Denise before Christmas, you will receive a 15% discount on any course or consultation you have throughout 2023. But don’t wait for Santa to come down the chimney . . . this special offer ends at midnight on December 24th, 2022!

  • Online course coaching with Colette (special rate): $92.65/hr (Reg. $109)
  • Private Zoom consultation with Denise (special rate): $123.35/hr (Reg. $145)


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