By Vedic Palmist-Astrologer Guylaine Vallée

Excerpt from The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge: Open Your Heart to Love, Joy and Happiness

In his masterpiece, The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar tells us that, as we evolve toward the expression of perfect love, we must progress through “Five States of the Heart.” Successfully passing through each state brings us a step closer to our goal of perfect love, a step closer to clearing the clouds from our heart, and a step closer to the power of the Infinite within us. Last month, we examined the first state of the heart, the Dark Heart. This month, we discover the second state of the heart: The Propelled State of the Heart.


The Propelled State of the Heart

We enter the Propelled State of the Heart when our experience of the world leaves us feeling empty, when we grow dissatisfied with the shallow pleasures of the senses, the hollow rewards of material pursuits—when the after-effects of rampant emotion, uncontrolled passion and possessiveness have dragged us into a state of desperation and despair. It is then that our heart begins to yearn for greater meaning—a deeper truth that propels us toward a higher form of love. This seeking of love and truth stretches our heart and lengthens our heart line.

In the Propelled State of the Heart, we are more open and receptive to wisdom, creating a magnetism that will draw wise teachers, inspiring guides and supportive friends into our lives. In essence, we are sending out a sincere request to the universe to enlighten us, and the universe will never ignore such a request. It doesn’t matter how jaded we are or how set in our ways we have become, once our heart propels us to search for truth, we will not be deterred from finding it, and will be ready if it finds us first. An enlightened sage once said, “a saint is a sinner who doesn’t give up.” So, don’t worry about any past missteps—we learn from our mistakes; it is often the flaws and faults in our character that bring us to the most profound revelations, and the deepest desire to do good in the world.

This was the case with my client Bruno.


Bruno’s Propelled Heart

When Bruno first came to see me, he was working as the disciplinary “enforcer” at a reform school for emotionally troubled and violently aggressive teenaged boys.

His job requirements did not extend much beyond being physically intimidating and verbally domineering. It was not an intellectually stimulating or spiritually uplifting occupation. Despite being unhappy with his position, he kept with it for many years; it paid the bills and fulfilled his basic needs. Although he was in a rut, it was a comfortable rut, which made him willing to settle for less, and to be less than he could be.

Bruno was holding himself back from life and from love, which is reflected in the very short heart line in his “before” handprints. However, there were spiritual markings on his sattwa Mount of Jupiter, which told me he was not only capable of much more, but that he was ready (at least subconsciously) to be propelled forward into a more meaningful existence. I suggested that he might find his life more rewarding if he changed direction by, for example, counseling the boys in his charge rather than simply controlling them.

I encouraged him to focus on a more empathic and philosophic approach, which would extend his heart line and bring him greater personal fulfillment and happiness. Bruno, however, was a curmudgeon and gruffly brushed aside my suggestion. But sometimes the universe knows what we want and need more than we do ourselves, and the universe intervened on Bruno’s behalf.

Not long after our initial consultation, Bruno’s leg was broken during a scuffle with one of the boys at the reform school. During his convalescence, he remembered my suggestion; he started broadening his horizons and seeking a deeper meaning to life by reading Vedic philosophy.

When he returned to see me a year later, he was excited to see enormous improvement across his entire palm—most notably, he had a much longer heart line. By looking at the encircled areas on both his handprints, you can see that his heart line grew an extension towards his Jupiter finger. Also, on the Mount of Jupiter, you’ll see the development of a Ring of Solomon, a sign of wisdom, which (as the name suggests) reflects an ability to understand, relate to, and empathize with other people. It’s not uncommon to find a Ring of Solomon in the palm of someone working in a helping profession.

Bruno confided to me that following his injury he consciously decided to lengthen his heart line. He visualized its growth each day and, through the regular practice of gratitude and kindness, witnessed his personality undergo a remarkable transformation. For the first time in his life he was actually happy, and for the first time, other people found him approachable and caring. His desire for truth had propelled him to extend his heart line, which increased his magnetism and helped Bruno to create a more meaningful and loving life.


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