By Vedic Palmist, Ghanshyam Singh Birla


In Vedic palmistry, the head line is often referred to as “the king of the hand” because it rules the way we think, the way we behave and the way we perceive the world around us. With its innate powers of logic and deduction, the head line reflects our intellectual ability to make rational decisions—to determine what is safe and unsafe, to discern right from wrong, and to weigh the consequences of our actions. In short, the head line helps us decide what is in our best interest and what will promote overall wellbeing and happiness in our lives and the lives of those we love.

Even more importantly, the head line is a doorway to our psyche, a doorway through which we can access the inner workings of our mind. And understanding how our mind functions—what makes us tick—is essential in maintaining a healthy outlook, healthy behaviors and a healthy sense of self. Indeed, the way we think determines how we act and how we view ourselves and the people in our lives. Thinking shapes our perception, and our perception shapes our world.

The head line is one of the three major lines of the hand and runs across the middle of the palm. It is flanked on either side by the hand’s other major lines—the life line, which is just below it, and the heart line just above. This central location endows the head line with a critical role in unifying the three principal aspects of our being. Not only does it form a bridge between the life line (reflecting our physical body) and the heart line (reflecting our loving nature), but it acts as a linchpin connecting all three major lines. Hence, a well-formed head line brings the heart line and life line into alignment, ensuring a balanced, harmonious relationship between body, mind and soul.

As I mentioned in last month’s article, Thinking Your Way to Happiness, a strong and balanced head line is a vital component of a healthy and happy life. If the head line is broken, disrupted by interference lines, too short, misshapen, travels in a detrimental direction or is out of alignment with the heart or life lines, our thinking will be adversely affected. The way we view ourselves, our relationships and our world will be askew. Making matters worse, faults and fractures in the head line allow the negative, self-defeating voices we’ve accumulated since childhood seep into the forefront of our mind. These dark voices undermine our confidence, hamper our success, jeopardize our happiness and, over time, can cut groves into our physical brain where negative thinking can take root and lead to harmful actions.

Fortunately, we can correct faults in the head line and repair any damage that negative thinking has inflicted on our lives. But this is not always easy to do—changing our head line requires us to change the way we think, which is something that is simpler said than done. Dislodging deeply engrained negative thought patterns and changing long-established bad habits and behaviors is, to say the least, a challenging task. Modern brain imaging has revealed that nearly 100,000 thoughts race through our mind each day—that’s roughly 50 thoughts a minute. With all that noisy traffic roaring around our brain, it’s little wonder we have so much difficulty knowing our own mind, and so much trouble communicating or being intimate with those we love.

Even more alarming is the fact that neuroscience has determined 80 percent of our thoughts are either partially or entirely negative in nature. That means our poor brain is contending with 80,000 negative thoughts every day of our lives! Sadly, each negative thought acts as a brick that, when stacked one atop another, can quickly create a towering and seemingly insurmountable wall that separates us from our higher selves, from our potential, from our feelings, and from our family, friends and lovers.

The good news is that by making our head line our best friend we will gain the mental strength and clarity to tear that wall down brick by brick, negative thought by negative thought. And when that wall is gone, our mind will be calm and peaceful, our vision will be crystal clear and we will be standing face to face with our true self.

To achieve this, we must replace our negative thoughts with positive ones, which will positively reshape our head line and make it as close to perfect as possible. So, what does a perfect head line look like? Well, as you can see in the illustration, an ideal head line will be deep and unmarred by interference lines. It will originate on or near the intersection of the Mount of Jupiter and Mars negative, and then travel across Rahu before gently curving downward toward its termination point on the mounts of Mars positive and Luna. This is the ideal head line; it denotes calm, clear, rational and objective thinking and reflects sound judgement, a positive mental outlook and a state of mind that remains peaceful no matter how unsettled or disturbing external circumstances may become.

Now, take a moment to look at both of your hands and compare the head line in each palm to the ideal head line in our diagram. Pay special attention to the head line in the hand you use to write—that’s called your dominant hand. If you are right-handed, your right hand is your dominant hand; if you are left-handed, your left hand is dominant. There is a major difference between the two.

The non-dominant hand reflects our past habits and thought patterns, which tells us a lot about why we think the way we do. But it is the dominant hand that reveals what’s happening in our life right now and reveals the direction our life is taking—the dominant head line reflects the thinking that determines our present and future happiness.  When we are consciously working on improving our mental outlook by making our thoughts more positive, we are most likely to see changes appear in our dominant head line.

Indeed, with a concentrated effort, we will see significant improvement in our dominant head line in as little as 90 days; the line may become stronger, deeper, and less fragmented and lines of interference may begin to fade away. These changes are a reflection of an increasingly positive mental attitude. It may be sublet at first but, if we remain diligent in our efforts to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, our shifting mindset will become increasingly apparent and have a profoundly affirmative and lasting impact on the way we think, feel and live.

Don’t worry if your head line doesn’t match up to this ideal image in the illustration. The ideal head line is merely a target to strive for as we move toward a healthier mind. Adopting a more positive mindset is a journey on which we should focus to make steady progress, not racing to perfection. Please remember that any improvement in the head line reflects positive changes that are occurring in both our mind and our heart. These changes will manifest in an expanded consciousness that connects us to our soul and thus makes us more accepting, understanding and compassionate toward others. Our thoughts will be clear and focused, we will enjoy greater peace of mind, find that our relationships are much less turbulent and far more loving, and that our outlook on life is not only happier and more optimistic, but joyful as well.

Indeed, the head line plays such a vital role in our lives that I have designed a webinar series dedicated to helping everyone bring out the very best in their own head line. The series is fun, informative and affordable for all. It begins September 9th and will run for 12 weeks. I warmly invite all of you to join me.

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