By Vedic Palmist Ghanshyam Singh Birla

The human mind is, without question, the Universe’s greatest wonder—the unrivaled masterpiece of Creation. The great achievements of civilization, including civilization itself, have been produced by the mind’s ability to think, reason, imagine and dream.

The same thought processes that have shaped our evolution and enabled humankind to reach such dizzying displays of ingenuity, invention and beauty are alive in each of us. No matter our age, intellect, social status or education, we are all capable of changing our world and our own lives for the better; we can create lasting love, beauty, happiness and joy by properly channeling the power of our thoughts. This can be achieved when we discover how to connect our thinking to the depth of feeling of our heart and the wisdom of our soul.



Unfortunately, there is a flip side to our thinking, a dark side that is responsible for so much of the strife, suffering and discord in our world and in our own lives. When our mind is restless, troubled or unfocused, we become lost in a cacophony of negativity—our peace of mind drowned in a tsunami of doubting, disparaging voices incessantly chattering away inside our head. These voices latch onto our thoughts, telling us that we are not good enough or smart enough or worthy enough to realize our dreams, to accomplish our goals or to love and be loved.

We all are familiar, to varying degrees, with these dark voices and the toll they take on our enjoyment of life. These thoughts creep into our mind before an exam or during a job interview; they convince us we can’t succeed or that we are unwanted and unloved. They make us believe the glass is half empty when it is actually overflowing with promise and possibility.



Recent advances in brain imaging have revealed that our brains are plastic, meaning that our neural pathways—the roads our thoughts travel along in the brain—can be molded and changed throughout our lifetime. Unfortunately, neuroscience has also discovered that negative thoughts carve deeper, more permanent neural pathways in our grey matter than positive thoughts do, and those negative neural pathways spread across the brain exponentially.

This frame of mind can take a serious toll on both our mental and physical well-being. And when we combine the turbulent state of the world today with the fact that we identify most readily with negative news, it is little wonder that hope and self-esteem are at record lows among North American youth.



Much like modern neuroscience, the ancient science of Vedic palmistry teaches us that our thoughts make deep impressions (or grooves) in our brain, impressions that can come to dominate our mind. But where Vedic palmistry and neuroscience differ is that palmistry shows us the origin, nature and quality of our thoughts. If our thoughts are angry, bitter, jealous or confused, our hand will tell us why, for how long and what we need to do to correct the situation.



The head line runs across the middle section of the palm, referred to as the rajas region of the hand. Rajas is the Sanskrit word for “king” and, as the name suggests, King Rajas rules the hand. So, no matter how well-developed or beautifully formed our heart line may be, when there are problems with the head line, there will be problems in all areas of our life, including our love life!

If the head line is broken, too short, misshapen, running in an unhealthy direction or out of alignment with the heart line, our thinking is going to be adversely affected and our perception of the world and our relationships will be askew. It is through the cracks, faults and fractures of the head line that our negative voices find their way into our mind to jeopardize our happiness—a problematic head line can prevent us from accessing our heart, which is the gateway to our soul.

By adjusting our thoughts, we can reprogram and fine-tune our own emotions in search of happier, more productive lives. And when we begin to change our thoughts and attitudes, the head line will physically change! By taking our handprints on a regular basis, our hands become a personal gauge to determine our personal progress!

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