In Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma. Why? Because Saturn, a strict teacher and disciplinarian, forces us to reflect upon our lives and use past experiences, thoughts and feelings (both positive and negative) as lessons to transform ourselves into better, more spiritually advanced human beings. This can be a difficult (and even painful) task at the best of times, but when Saturn is in retrograde—as it has been this year between Scorpio and Sagittarius from April 6th to August 25th—we can feel like we’ve been tossed onto an emotional roller-coaster without a seat belt. And while we can learn a lot about ourselves and our relationships during this period, it is likely been a stressful and very bumpy ride—we can become so focused on our own situation that any external demands upon our time and energy can make us feel like we’re about to snap!

The good news is that the ride is almost over; the not so good news is that things could get even more intense before the roller-coaster comes to a complete halt. That’s because Saturn is retrograde, exiting Sagittarius and entering Scorpio—placing it squarely in the final, 29th degree. The final degree of any sign is known in Sanskrit as its Sandhi degree, which translates as “connecting place”—the place where the energy of two different signs converge. This is always a challenging transit because the merging energies can stir up a lot of suppressed thoughts and feelings. But this Sandhi may prove extra challenging as it is also a Gandanta, meaning the convergence point of the incompatible energies of water and fire: Sagittarius is a fire sign, Scorpio is a water sign, and Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is caught in a tug of war between the two.

However, this Gandanta does not mean Saturn is stuck in a stalemate of two competing astrological forces—a Saturn Gandanta can be a dynamic and highly progressive transit if we successfully channel the conflicting energies swirling around us. Gand means “knot” and anta means ‘end’, so in the context of Saturn, this Gandanta will likely present us with varied situations and circumstances to self-reflect, accept some difficult personal truths, and take steps to untie any karmic knots we’ve created through our behaviour and attitudes in the past. Saturn will undoubtedly compel us to look deep within ourselves during this period and examine all we have done to bring us to this point in our lives. While at times we may feel we are about to drown in emotion or be consumed by regrets and remorse, we must remain calm, go with the flow and hold fast to the realization that we are experiencing this for a reason—to gain self-knowledge and be transformed into happier, more successful and spiritually healthier beings.

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