BETTER LIVING THROUGH VEDIC PALMISTRY is a webisode offering practical advice from the ancient science of Vedic Palmistry, advice we can all take advantage of to make modern living a little easier and a lot more rewarding.

BETTER LIVING THROUGH VEDIC PALMISTRY will answer many of the questions that are foremost in our minds these days and provide practical solutions to problems both small and large. Here are some questions that were addressed and which you can see on our YouTube Channel:

  • The Corona virus is making me a nervous wreck. How can I cope with my fear?
  • Why do I have a hard time believing people like me?
  • Since the Corona virus hit I’ve been working at home. My family is driving me nuts—what can I do?
  • Why do I have so many negative thoughts?

Look forward to some of the following issues that will be addressed in the coming weeks:

  • I have struggled with low self-esteem since I was a teenager. How can I feel better about myself?
  • I have been waiting to meet my soul mate for 20 years? Should I just settle for someone I don’t love?
  • How can I stop my mind from racing?

BETTER LIVING THROUGH VEDIC PALMISTRY airs each Friday on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

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