Join the Group Challenge! Bring More Love into Your Life in 2019!

Live Seminars Every Week with Ghanshyam Singh Birla


All of us at the Birla Center are proud to introduce The 90-Day Heart Line Group Challenge.

Due to the popularity and overwhelming success of both our regular Self-Paced and One-on-One Heart Line Challenges, we have decided to offer The 90-Day Heart Line Group Challenge commencing on February 18, 2019, providing you with an enhanced program at a fraction of the price!

The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge is one of the most popular and successful programs we have ever offered at the Birla Center. Hundreds of clients have told us that The Heart Line Challenge has literally changed their world—bringing more love into their lives, improving their personal relationships, opening their hearts, increasing their confidence and boosting their self-esteem. Oh yes—and improving their heart lines in the process!

The Heart Line Group Challenge combines the freedom of the regular Self-Paced Challenge with the intimacy of the One-on-One Challenge while introducing a new level of group support and camaraderie. More than 50 years of experience has taught us that a supportive environment and like-minded friends are key in creating positive, long-term changes in our lives, especially when you share the common goal of creating a more loving and loved-filled life.

Virtual group sessions on Zoom will be offered every Monday at 4 p.m.

While following the same highly effective 12-week lesson structure, The Group Challenge will bring individuals together via Zoom for live weekly one-hour sessions with the Birla Center founder, Ghanshyam Singh Birla, your Challenge leader. Ghanshyam will help each group member in their personal progress as, week by week, everyone steadily improves their heart line and brings more love and compassion into their lives.


Star Crossed Love!

In addition to receiving everything that the other Challenges have to offer—including the comprehensive, illustrated 12-week PDF lesson plan; Before and After Handprint acetates; real-life success stories from Birla Center clients; profound insights on love and loving drawn from Vedic philosophy; exercises and meditation tips; and weekly videos by Guylaine—The Group Challenge will include a brand new Astrological Assessment segment. In this special segment, which will be featured during each group’s weekly session, Ghanshyam will discuss the current placement of the planets and how to best incorporate those energies to help you succeed in reaching you Heart Line Challenge goals. This combines the best of Vedic palmistry and Vedic astrology to ensure you are developing your very best traits and are creating the happiest, most joy-filled and loving life possible!


Weekly Themes

The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge has been so successful because it is so comprehensive. The Challenge covers every aspect of the heart line in detail and explores the art of bringing love into our lives with tools and wisdom found in the 5,000-year-old science of Vedic palmistry. We have encapsulated all of this into twelve Weekly Themes that leave no stone unturned when it comes to learning how to freely give and receive love in all areas of our lives:

Week One:          The Open Heart—The Open Hand
Week Two:         Seeking Balance in Body, Mind and heart
Week Three:      The Heart-Mind Connection—Seeking Coherence
Week Four:        Two Hands Are Better Than One
Week Five:         Five States of The Human Heart: Letting Our Love Evolve
Week Six:           Journey of The Heart
Week Seven:      Befriending Our Jupiter
Week Eight:       The Power of Saturn—Fire, Forgiveness and Transformation
Week Nine:        The Power of Sun—True Love and the True You
Week Ten:          The Magnetic Sun—Attracting Your Heart’s Desire
Week Eleven:    Mercury—Contentment, Enlightenment and The Freedom of Expression
Week Twelve:   The Beauty of the Changing Heart

The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge includes:

  • An extensive heart line guidebook in a PDF format packed with how-to information, useful tips, helpful illustrations and dozens of inspiring real-life stories about finding love and happiness.
  • A live weekly one-hour group coaching session on Zoom (videoconferencing) with Ghanshyam.
  • Dozens of ‘before and after’ handprints from actual Birla Center clients whose heart lines have been transformed with palmistry.
  • Weekly exercises to open your heart chakra and increase your personal magnetism. A dozen ‘thoughts of the week’ and weekly affirmations to keep you motivated.
  • A dozen “thoughts of the week” and weekly affirmations to keep you motivated.
  • A journal section at the end of each weekly lesson to help you gain insight into the workings of your heart and draw more love into your life!
  • A dozen inspiring 10-minute-long weekly videos by Guylaine supporting and inspiring your every step of the way throughout the entire 12-week Heart Line Group Challenge.
  • Two sets of inked acetates to take your own ‘before and after’ handprints and witness the amazing change in your heart line for yourself!
  • Free access to our Facebook forum where you can share your personal stories and enjoy the encouragement and support of other participants of the 90-Day Heart Line Group Challenge.
  • All participants receive a 20% discount on full hour-long hand analysis taken throughout the program in person or by videoconferencing (Zoom).

So, what are you waiting for? Make some great new friends as you fill your world and your life with lasting love! Sign up for The 90-Day Heart Line Group Challenge.