Online Course Programs and 90-Day Challenges

Course Programs

Our three course programs focus on the three most powerful mounts in the hand—Luna, Venus and Mars. The mounts are the astrological zones of the palm and strongly influence our personality, thoughts and behavior. These unique programs examine real life case studies and handprints while incorporating aspects of Vedic philosophy, yoga, ancient breathing techniques, inspirational thoughts and journaling. You will be able to test your knowledge with the online quizzes that come with each lesson.

So, if you want to take a deep dive into the planetary power within your palm, our mount programs will be perfect for you:


90-Day Challenges 

Our 50 years of experience have shown us that it takes a minimum of 90 days of consistent effort to make lasting positive changes in the way we think, act and feel. With palmistry, we can actually see those changes taking place in the palms of our hands. That’s because when our thoughts and attitudes improve, so do the lines in our hand. In 90 days, a broken heart line can mend.

The 90-Day Challenges target key features of the hand to enhance and enrich specific aspects of our life: