Think Your Way To Happiness and Success with our Palmistry in Action Programs

Recent breakthroughs in the study of the brain have given new meaning to the age-old adage: you are never too old change. So many of us despair when we fail in our efforts to turn over a new leaf, be it eating healthier, losing weight, quitting smoking, ending an unhealthy relationship, or simply believing in ourselves. No matter how hard we try, we seem to fall back into the same old bad habits and behaviour patterns—into the same old groove. But the good news is that cutting edge neuroscience research is proving that those old grooves can be changed! And Vedic palmistry has been teaching the same truth for centuries.

The lines in our hands are a direct reflection of our thoughts and behaviour. Once we have gained a better understanding of ourselves through the study of our lines and signs in our hands, we are capable of taking positive steps to change our thoughts and improve our lives.

Our years of experience have taught us that, in most cases, it takes a minimum of 90 days to develop new lines in the hand and to make permanent, positive changes in our thought patterns . . . and in our lives. This is why we have created the three-part Palmistry-in-Action Series that will change your life. It begins by teaching you how to reprogram your three major lines . . . your heart line, head line and life line. With our much beloved astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée acting as your coach, you can develop your lines, bringing more happiness into your life!

Discover our programs:

The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge!

You will learn to expand your heart and enjoy happier, more loving relationships with the people you treasure the most. Discover the secrets of loving unconditionally, sharing your feelings without fear, being kind and caring with everyone you meet, and maintaining your peace of mind when others treat you unfairly or thoughtlessly. And the beauty is as you change, you can witness the amazing change in your heart line for yourself! Learn more

The 90-Day Head Line Challenge!

When our mind is cluttered with fears, worries and misconceptions, trapped in a destructive loop of negativity and self-doubt, weighed down with guilt and constantly bombarded by the relentless noise of daily living, it is difficult to decipher what our true feelings actually are, let alone rely on them to build a loving relationship, successful career or happy life. Learn the secrets of the head line and tame your thoughts and develop the inner peace, mental clarity, objectivity and emotional security necessary to express your true self, reach your full potential, and love honestly, deeply and without fear. Learn more