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Take The 90-Day Life Line Challenge


IT’S NOT TOO LATE to sign up for Guylaine’s 90-Day Life Line Challenge, the 3rd part of our Palmistry-in-Action Program.

A hundred participants have already enrolled in this amazing interactive online program, where you’ll be a step closer to experiencing what the ancient yogis of India referred to as Ananda—a state of being meaning “infinite happiness” or bliss.

During this Challenge, you will discover that your body is your physical connection to Divine joy. The Vedic sages of ancient India taught us that living in a state of Ananda—a constant state of physical joy—is our natural birthright.

One of the surest, quickest ways to achieve that reality is by learning to use the tools we find in the study and application of Vedic palmistry—tools you will master over the course of The 90-Day Life Line Challenge.

Developing your life line through The Life Line Challenge teaches you how to physically express the purest desires of the heart and mind and, in the process, fulfill your karma and manifest your dreams.


You can undertake your own adventure without further delay!
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Participants receive a 20% discount for consultations taken throughout the program.

To find out more or to register, please click here, or call us at 514.488.2292 or toll free at 1-866-428-3799.