Experience the Joy of Being Alive with The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!


Is the end of summer getting you down? Don’t be blue! Discover the joy of being alive this fall by signing up for The 90-day Life Line Challenge. That’s right! Our much-anticipated Life Line Challenge begins in September and is guaranteed to help you create a happier, more joyous life in just three months. Think of how happy you will be when Christmas rolls around!

The 90-day Life Line Challenge is the final installment of our highly popular Palmistry-in-Action trilogy that includes The 90-day Heart Line Challenge and The 90-day Head Line Challenge. All of our clients have loved the earlier Challenges, as we do too—but what makes The Life Line Challenge our favorite is that the results are both life-changing and immediate. By the end of Week One you’ll already be feeling better in your body and happier in your life. By the end of The 90-day Life Line Challenge you’ll be a step closer to experiencing what the ancient yogis of India referred to as Ananda—a state of being meaning “infinite happiness” or “living in bliss”.

In palmistry, the life line reveals how happy we feel in our body. It is also a barometer to see how content we are in our mind, heart and soul as well. All the joy we derive from life begins at the life line. That’s why we’ve combined all of our decades of experience in the Vedic Arts and Sciences to develop this special Challenge—to help you strengthen your life line and bring joy into your daily life.

The Life Line Challenge is based on the principle that our body is not merely a mass of muscle, bone and flesh; but a dynamic vehicle transporting our eternal soul through our earthly lifetime. Our body is our physical connection to Spirit—to Divine joy. The Life Line Challenge allows you to tap into that boundless source of joy through ancient yogic techniques, and drawing on the wisdom of Vedic philosophy.

By taking The Challenge, you will learn:

  • the practice of pranayama, a 3,000-year-old breathing method that floods every cell in the body with the Cosmic life-force energy known as prana.
  • special yogic exercises that will energize your seven chakras—the powerful spiritual centers along the spine.
  • how to create a strong and healthy life line that radiates with bliss.

Developing the life line allows us to physically express the purest desires of the heart and mind and, in the process, fulfill our karma, manifest our dreams and live joyfully in our bodies each and every day of our lives.

If you would like to bounce out of bed every morning feeling happy and knowing your day will be filled with joy, sign up for The 90-Day Life Line Challenge now! And with Guylaine Vallée, the Happy Palmist herself, guiding and mentoring you every step of the way, how can you possibly go wrong?

The 90-Day Life Line Challenge promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. Sign up today!
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