500 Acres of Pristine Canadian Wilderness

Lose yourself in over 500 acres of pristine Canadian wilderness. Nestled in the beautiful Quebec country side, the Birla Wellness Center offers visitors a unique retreat experience. Take a reflective walk along our many nature trails and paths, or spend the morning performing your yoga routine on one of our private beaches. If meditation is your goal we also offer two nature circles (labyrinths) on the premises, one of stone and the other of grass.

  • 500 acres private grounds
  • two beaches (non supervised)
  • resting / meditation areas
  • stone labyrinth
  • grass labyrinth
  • one lake with non-power boats
  • pedal boats
  • nature trails and walks


The Wellness Retreat Center boasts two beautiful labyrinths to stroll through —one constructed in stone and the other in grass— designed by internationally renowned dowser, Marty Cain.

The labyrinths are based on an ancient unicursal pattern of seven concentric circles intended to realign our seven chakra energy centres, instil in us a sense of peace, and promote healing. Unlike traditional mazes that act like puzzles and force the analytical left-brain to struggle to find a way out, it is impossible to become lost or trapped in a unicursal labyrinth.

Therefore, the analytical mind is bypassed, allowing the intuitive right brain to fully engage and release a surge of creative mental energy. Some guests who have walked our labyrinths have reported mystical experiences, from spiritual insights to healing.