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Sun in Gemini: On the Move

The Sun will be in the sign Gemini from June 13th to July 14th.
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The Sun moves into the sign Gemini on June 13th and stays until July 14th. This is a very special time of year for all Geminis, but we must remember, each and every one of us has the 12 astrological signs in our astrological chart, which means we all have Gemini in one of our houses. And whichever house Gemini resides in your birth chart is the area of your life where the effects of the Sun in Gemini will have the most impact.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, reflecting communication, relationships, and the sharing of ideas. Mercury, the planet of communication and enlightenment, rules this sign. While the Sun transits through Gemini, it can bring great insights to humanity. The nature of this sign is lively, witty, curious, and playful. Due to Gemini’s versatility, possibilities are unlimited. It is hard to be bored when the Sun transits Gemini.

The lesson for this time is to remain focussed. Otherwise, too many exciting and stimulating ideas may pull us in too many directions, scattering our energy.


Wayne Dyer (with Ghanshyam) American self-help and spiritual author and motivational speaker

Paul McCartney English singer-songwriter, musician, and record and film producer

Dalai-Lama Tibetan Spiritual Leader


Here are a few luminaries who have benefited from their connection to Gemini:

The Dalai Lama has a Gemini ascendant;

Paul McCartney has the Sun in Gemini; and

Wayne Dyer had the Moon in Gemini.


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