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Sun in Cancer: Using our Emotions for the Well-Being of Others

The Sun will be in the sign Cancer from July 14th to August 15th.
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The Sun will move from the light-hearted, effervescent, fun loving, talkative air sign of Gemini to the sensitive, nurturing and deeply emotional water sign of Cancer, symbolized by the Crab and ruled by the sensitive, dreamy Moon. Emotions can be easily stirred up for all of us in the coming weeks whether we are born under the Sign of the Crab or not. Why? Because no matter when we were born, we all have the 12 signs of the zodiac in our astrological chart. And because the energy of the Moon and its relation to maternal instincts are so powerful, the placement of the sign Cancer in a chart is extremely important. So, wherever the sign Cancer is located in our chart, that house will be impacted by the Sun over the next 30 days as it travels through Cancer from July 14th to August 15th.

While Cancerian energy relates to our heart and happiness as it pertains to a love of—and devotion to—our mother, home and homeland, this month it is important not only to take care of those near and dear to us, but to expand and dedicate our love and devotion to everyone in need of our care and support. By turning emotion to devotion, we calm our emotional turbulence and improve our own well-being while improving the well-being of all those around us.


Mahatma Gandhi
Leader of India's non-violent independence movement

Donald Sutherland
Canadian actor

English musician and actor


Here are a few outstanding individuals who have the sign Cancer highlighted in their chart:

Sting has a Cancer ascendant;
Donald Sutherland has the Sun in Cancer; and
Mahatma Gandhi had the Moon in Cancer.


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