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Sun in Aquarius: A Time to Be Visionary

February 12th to March 13th

Remember, Vedic and Western astrology interpret the placement of the Zodiac signs a bit differently,
so please click here to consult our Vedic conversion chart.


The Sun moved into the sign Aquarius on February 12th and will stay there until March 13th. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline, and its co-ruler Uranus, the planet of innovation, inspiration, intuition and invention, rule this sign. This transit can be a great opportunity for positive change to help visualize and create the foundations needed to express your passion and purpose in life.

Naturally, this is a very special time of year for Aquarians. But the energy of this transit can also benefit everybody because each and every one of us has Aquarius somewhere in our astrological chart. So, this month, we all get to experience the wonderful benefits of Sun in Aquarius.

Aquarius is the natural sign of the eleventh house of the astrological chart; it relates to social groups, prosperity and the fulfillment of dreams. Aquarian energy exemplifies the Gospel verse: Ask and you shall receive. It is associated with reaping benefits of all kinds—they can be physical, material, emotional, spiritual or all of the above depending on how we perceive what a gain means to us.

The symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer, who sustains and uplifts humanity through the nourishment of ennobling ideas. During this time, you might be interested in exploring ideas others might perceive as revolutionary or groundbreaking based on knowledge from antiquity, such as the sciences of astrology and palmistry which Aquarius rules.

The keyword phrase of Aquarius is: I help. So, it is not surprising that Aquarian energy is often most positively expressed through groups and associations organized around a humanitarian principle or philosophy.

Individuals strongly influenced by Aquarius are often viewed by others as being unorthodox or unconventional. They tend to be inspired free-thinkers who are simply ahead of their time. This is why so many Aquarians become trendsetters in both the arts and the world of fashion, as well as influencers in the realm of social media. They do not follow the norm, choosing instead to lead their lives according to their own concepts and ideas, which are usually thought-provoking and oftentimes visionary.



Leonard Cohen
Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and novelist

Justin Bieber
Multiple award-winning singer-songwriter

Robertson Davies
Novelist, playwright, critic, journalist and professor

Aquarius assumes greater significance when it is found in one of the following three positions: when Aquarius is the ascendant, when the Sun is in Aquarius or when the Moon is in Aquarius. Here are a few Canadian luminaries who have benefited from their connection to Aquarius:

  • SUN IN AQUARIUS : Novelist, playwright, critic, journalist and professor Robertson Davies and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, ground-breaking psychiatrist in the field of palliative care, had an Aquarius ascendant, just like award-winning actor Ryan Gosling;
  • AQUARIUS ASCENDANT: Award-winning singer-songwriter Justin Bieber and actor and producer Elliot Page have the Sun in Aquarius just like entrepreneur, business magnate, industrial designer, media proprietor and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs;
  • MOON IN AQUARIUS: Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic and environmental activist Margaret Atwood has the Moon in Aquarius just like singer-songwriter, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen and award-winning actress Catherine O’Hara.

We can most benefit from this transit by knowing in which astrological house Aquarius (and its rulers, Saturn and Uranus) is located in our natal chart. Why? Because that is where we can truly feel the electricity of change, excitement and experimentation to carve out a life path where all the energy of Saturn and Uranus will help us find our original and unique meaning and purpose.

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