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Sun in Virgo: The Transit of Energy and Excellence

The Sun will be in the sign Virgo from September 15th to October 15th.
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The Sun moved into the sign Virgo on September 15th and will stay there until October 15th. This is a very special time of year for all Virgos! But why should Virgos get all the fun? It is important to remember that each and every one of us has Virgo somewhere in our astrological chart. So, this month, everybody gets to experience the wonderful benefits of Sun in Virgo.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac relating to how we use our energy. Ultimately, our energy can be directed for us to realize perfect health in all our bodily systems—physical, mental and spiritual. Virgo is reflected by the symbol of the virgin and represents perfection as the purest untapped potential of our energy reservoir. The sign Virgo reflects our choice of how we will recharge or dissipate our energy resources. We can develop our nervous system to resist all the negativity that can deplete us, and/or embrace the positive, which acts to restore our energy. We can perfect our energy to win a trophy, realize samadhi or make ourselves sick due to our exacting and critical nature.

It is good to know the astrological house in which Virgo (and its ruler Mercury) reside—it is where our excellence will shine in addition to our natural gifts of organization and communication.


Agatha Christie
English mystery writer

Walt Disney
American entrepreneur, writer, voice actor, and film producer

English singer-songwriter, musician and actor


Singer-songwriter Sting has the Sun in Virgo;

Walt Disney had a Virgo ascendant; and

Mystery writer Agatha Christie had the Moon in Virgo.


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