Are you failing to reach your full potential? Feel that you are not advancing in your life or your career? Are you trapped in a go-nowhere job? We can help you identify and develop your hidden talents and get you back on track! Check out Phillip’s story:

In the Vedas, palmistry and astrology are twin sciences, intimately entwined and referred to together as Hast JyotishHast meaning hand and Jyotish meaning astrology. In Hast Jyotish (Vedic Palmistry) we use both the palm and the astrological birth chart to understand what is going on in a person’s life. The astrological birth (or natal) chart reveals our strengths, weaknesses and potential; the handprints let us know if we are living up to that potential. If a person is having difficulty in any area of life, we suggest a course of action to align them with their planetary potential, and then monitor their progress by taking handprints at regular intervals. The lines of our hands change as our actions and attitudes change. It is an incredibly effective way of making the most of our natural-both gifts and talents.

Phillip, a long-time client, is an excellent example of how the natal chart-handprint combination can be used to discover our true calling and help us find success and happiness.


Phillip’s astrological chart revealed tremendous potential, but that potential wasn’t reflected in his initial handprint. In his chart, Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra in the 8th house, suggesting he possessed the innate desire, mental discovering-true-potential-chartdiscipline and discernment to rigorously seek the truth. With this auspicious planetary configuration, Phillip could excel in any career calling for analytic investigation, such as a theoretical scientist, investigative journalist, psychologist, palmist or astrologer.

But Phillip’s initial handprint showed that he wasn’t utilizing his natural gifts or living up to his full potential; there was a complete lack of activity on his mount of Saturn and no hint of a “love of truth” line. And his weak destiny line—also known as the Saturn or Karma line—didn’t reach his heart line, indicating a lack of commitment to a vocation or cause. His natural abilities were lying dormant and unused in his subconscious.

This lack of destiny fulfillment was the reason Phillip came to see me. He’d been stuck in a series of unrewarding, go-nowhere jobs; he was bored, miserable and depressed. I encouraged him to “seek the truth”—to tap into his unconscious potential by looking within himself.

Phillip committed to this wholeheartedly. He began a daily meditation routine, started practicing yoga, and threw himself into the study of palmistry and astrology. In his second set of handprints taken a year later, we can see that Phillip had developed a strong “love of truth” line, and his destiny line had extended well beyond his heart line. He had changed his destiny—and the lines of his hands—by changing his thought patterns and behavior. Today he is a successful teacher and one of the most sought after Vedic consultants in the country . . . and he is a very happy man.

Vedic palmistry is a quick, effective tool anyone can use to tap into their subconscious potential and manifest it in their lives.

If you need help realizing your full potential, give me a call at 866-428-3799 or click here to book a consultation. We are here to help.



Full Steam Ahead!  If you’ve felt an urge to let off a little steam in recent days, you could be moonstruck.

This month’s full Moon is in the fiery sign of Aries, which is ruled by the warrior planet, Mars. Mars epitomizes masculine-yang energy—a hot and aggressive force of nature. The Moon, however, is a watery, feminine planet representing all that yin energy embraces—a nurturing spirit, sensitivity and acute perception. But don’t be fooled by Moon’s softness—it has the power to shift oceans and rule the tides of emotion within each and every living being.

While Moon and Mars are both very powerful in strength, they are completely contrasting forms of energy. When those energies interact, as they are doing around the October 16th full Moon, emotions can boil over—when water is subjected to intense heat, it produces steam.

Adding some ultra-combustible fuel to this celestial cauldron is the fact that Mars is currently conjunct with Pluto, the higher octave of Mars that is related to Lord Shiva, the god of destruction and transformation. When properly channeled, this cosmic intensity can drive our ambition with the force of a steam engine, but when undirected it can scald us and leave permanent scars.

So in days leading up to and immediately following this full Moon, we must use our energy wisely by remaining calm, caring and focused. This will enable us to harness and utilize the many positive aspects of Mars: intensity of purpose, initiative, passion, determination, resourcefulness and quick thinking. This can make us extremely ambitious, but we must not allow the desire to get things done quickly, or do things our way or no way, prevent us from harmoniously and successfully achieving our immediate and long-term goals. Likewise, we should strive to keep our Moon-energy in check; avoid being swept away by emotion or becoming overly sensitive if things don’t go exactly as planned.

In short, don’t get all steamed up at work or with friends and family. During this full Moon you will reap more personal rewards and get more accomplished by slowing down, being forward thinking, remaining cool-headed, playing well with others, and not jumping to conclusions.

If you would like help making the most of the full Moon energy, give us a call at 866-428-3799, or click here to book a consultation. We are here to help.

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* : To all our Vedic astrology readers, our transits are based on the ayanamsha of Sri Yukteswar

Is poor communication pushing you to the brink of divorce? Is fear of the future or worries about financial security inhibiting your ability to love? Having trouble remembering what attracted you to your spouse in the first place? We can help you. Check out Aidan’s story:

“That’s it! I’m done with her, I want a divorce,” Aidan declared the moment he stepped into my office.

Aidan had been coming to see me for two years, seeking help to overcome his obsession about financial security and fears of poverty.

appreciating-lifes-true-treasures-learning-loveHis anxiety was reflected in his short headline, which told me he was preoccupied with daily living and maintaining a hefty bank balance, but failing to appreciate the many treasures he already possessed—like the love and support of Trish, his wife of nearly 20 years. Aidan’s short sightedness was dragging his heartline toward his headline—a downward curve that resulted in serious trust issues and curtailed his capacity to fully and freely and express and receive love.

Still, I was surprised by Aidan’s abrupt statement about divorce, not only because he had been making good progress during our coaching sessions, but also because I knew Trish; she was one of the kindest, most open-hearted and loving people I’d ever met.

I checked Aidan’s fresh set of handprints and saw that his headline had shortened even further. Despite a relatively long heart line that provided him the capacity to love deeply—his weakened headline could not support the needed devotion or level of trust to do so.

“What is this all about, Aidan?” I asked. “You’ve told me many times that Trish is your soul mate and best friend, the only person you could count on and trust.”

“That’s true,” he said. “But the college cut back her teaching hours and she’s not earning as much money as before. I’m awake nights worrying if we’ll be able to pay the bills. I’m sick of watching every dollar—this is not the life I want. I want a divorce. I want to find someone with more money.”

“But Aidan, your wife is a gem. She supported you financially for years after you hurt your back and couldn’t work, and she nursed you back to health. She’s working as hard as she can and she’s still earning good money.”

“Well, she’s not earning enough. Besides, she’s slowing down and forgetting things. She expects me to help her around the house—picking up groceries, cleaning, cooking. And . . . she’s getting older; I’m not attracted to her anymore.”

“Aidan, if Trish is having a challenging time, she needs your support. Would you throw away a loving relationship just because she’s getting older? None of us are getting younger, including you. Besides, didn’t you receive a huge inheritance when your mother passed away last year? So you don’t really have money problems, do you?”

“Now wait a minute, Guylaine!” Aidan said. “That inheritance money is mine, I need it for my future. Secondly, Trish is ten years older than me. Am I supposed to stick around and take care of her forever and be a nursemaid just because she took care of me? No way—I want out.”

“That’s your short headline talking, Aidan—not your heart. Your mind is distorting your true feelings. You need to extend your headline and create a balance in your hand, then you will see reality more clearly and appreciate what you have in Trish. Otherwise, fear and anxiety will blind you to what you have. Unless you develop a healthy balance between your heart and head, you will never find happiness. If you leave your wife now, you will regret it, and if you do meet someone new, she might be drawn to you for your money.”

I encouraged Aidan to practice more gratitude to help restore balance to his hand and bridge the gap between his head and heart lines. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested. He had his inheritance and was being drawn away from true love by his misguided perceptions and false beliefs.

His long heart line instilled in him an idealized vision of the perfect person to be with, but because that line turned downward, it was hard for him to ever trust or be honestly intimate with someone. This made it very easy for him to let go of a beautiful person who had loved him truly, deeply and faithfully.

I regret that I couldn’t help Aidan; palmistry can only help us when we are willing to help ourselves.

In my personal coaching sessions, I help clients to improve any aspect of their personal or professional life that is causing them difficulty—from building self-confidence, to developing charisma, to finding love. Give me a call at 866-428-3799, or book a consultation by clicking here. I’m here to help.


Call it the cosmic boomerang effect. At the end of June the planet Uranus left the sign of Pisces and entered Aries, but this past Saturday (October 8th) Uranus left Aries and returned directly to Pisces. What’s up with that, you ask? If Uranus orbits the sun, shouldn’t it visit the other 11 signs of the Zodiac before returning to Pisces? Have the laws of physics suddenly been suspended?

The short answer is no—the laws of physics remain intact, but Uranus has gone into retrograde. Astrologically speaking, that means Uranus has stopped in its tracks, shifted its gears from forward to reverse, and started backing up.

Impossible, you say! Well, it is and it isn’t. Of course planets don’t actually stop on a dime and change direction. But due to an optical illusion caused by the position of the Earth in relation to

Uranus, this appears to be the case. In fact, with the exception of the Sun and Moon, all planets go in to retrograde (some more often than others) from time to time, and from our vantage point on Earth they seem to move backwards.

Uranus retrograde can be earthshakingly powerful and impact not only the course of our lives, but also the course of history. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, invention and technological discoveries that brew slowly but arrive at lightening speed and with a colossal bang, often ushering in irreversible change. The kind of change that follows realizations as momentous as the world is round and not flat, that the Earth revolves around the Sun, that the atom can be split, that we can walk on the moon, defeat apartheid, eliminate small pox, cure polio or talk to anyone, at any time, anywhere on the planet using a tiny portable phone with a cheap long-distance plan. It is for this reason that Uranus is referred to as “The Great Awakener”—it is renowned for overturning the status quo and sweeping away anything that has outlived its usefulness.

When Uranus is direct—moving in the normal, forward direction—anything and everything is possible. When it is in retrograde, well, everything and anything is possible—only more so. Governments could rise or just as easily fall, wars could break out or peace could descend on the Middle East. The only thing that is certain is whatever change does occur will likely be as dramatic as it is unexpected.

But the impact of Uranus retrograde is not weighed solely on a global scale—it can be, and often is, experienced at a profoundly individual level, knocking us out of our comfort zones and prompting life-altering change. We may wake up one morning with the sudden awareness that we are working in the wrong profession, married to the wrong person, remained silent when we should have spoken out, or played it safe and settled for second best rather than taking the road less traveled. While this can be extremely unsettling, it presents a golden opportunity for us to make course corrections to our chosen path. Uranus retrograde is an ideal time to make a searching and fearless inventory of ourselves, to re-evaluate our values, priorities, decisions and lifestyles, and to shed any negativity that is holding us back, causing us pain or blocking us from attaining lasting happiness.

The fact that Uranus is retrograding in Pisces also affords us the opportunity to widen our hearts and deepen the spiritual and humanitarian aspects of our nature. Pisces, a water sign charged with nurturing yin energy, is ruled by benevolent and expansive Jupiter, which symbolizes and encourages justice, fair play, optimism, magnanimity, devotion and an expansive world view.

Uranus will continue to retrograde in Pisces until the very end of the year—plenty of time for us to reflect upon where we want to be in life, and to ensure that whatever changes “The Great Awakener” may bring will be changes we are prepared for, changes we can use to shape a better future and a better world.

You would like help to ensure this powerful Uranus retrograde works in your favor? Call us at 866-428-3799, or book a consultation by clicking here. We are here to help.

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Is your past limiting your future? Are you trapped in repeated, destructive patterns of behavior? Looking for love in all the wrong places? Check out Elizabeth’s story.

Ever since she was in high school, Elizabeth didn’t feel good about herself unless she was in a romantic relationship. Raised in a stable, well-to-do family, she left home as a teenager to live with her boyfriend. The relationship was unhealthy and turbulent, but she stayed because she felt incomplete on her own.

After several years, she fled that relationship and jumped into marriage with a co-worker, hoping it would bring her the fulfillment she craved. But that relationship was also turbulent, and after the birth of her children, it soured as well. Her next relationship was a common-law romance with another co-worker, but again . . . it ended painfully and abruptly.

Elizabeth was stuck in a destructive pattern she didn’t know how to break. Despite the fact that she had raised three children by herself and, by that time, had started up and was running her own successful business, her self-esteem plummeted when she was without a man in her life. Like many women, she had been conditioned to believe that her purpose and identity hinged on the romantic relationships in her life, not on her own attributes or accomplishments.

Elizabeth tried to avoid her pain by throwing herself into her work and the demands of being a single mom, but she was haunted by loneliness, unhappiness, low self-esteem, and the memories of her failed relationships. The fear of being alone drove her to more poor romantic choices, romances that began quickly and ended poorly because she consistently and recklessly chose men who were not right for her.

When she came to see me she was desperate for change, believing palmistry would make her sadness disappear and magically bring love, happiness and personal fulfillment into her life.

“Elizabeth, Vedic palmistry isn’t magic—it’s an ancient science that has been helping people learn about themselves and improve their lives for more than 5,000 years,” I told her. “But, if you give it a little time, the results will feel like magic—your life will be transformed.”

Her first set of handprints revealed a highly confusing pattern of criss-crossing minor lines traversing her entire palm, obstructing her major lines like wild weeds in a garden. This told me her life was dictated by external circumstances over which she had little or no control. She was so preoccupied with and distracted by the demands of daily living and her quest for a suitor, she had no time to look within herself. She was not accessing her subconscious or drawing upon the internal strength and resources within her heart and mind, which are represented by the major lines of heart and head in her hand. The over-abundance of minor lines reflected Elizabeth’s chronically agitated state of mind.

“This hectic network of lines symbolizes the confused interaction of your desires, concerns, memories, thoughts, regrets and relationships,” I told her. “All these minor lines are short-circuiting your ability to perceive yourself or the world clearly. You depend on external relationships to bring you happiness—that is why happiness has eluded you. True happiness comes from within. You need to regain control of your mind and your life if you want to be fulfilled.

“You can’t change the past,” I continued, “but you can change your present and your future and attract positive people into your life by changing your expectations of relationships.”

“But how do I do that?” she asked.

“By changing one line at a time,” I said. “We need to clean up your hand and get rid of some of these minor lines. You need a healthy balance of major and minor lines to have a healthy and balanced life.”

I explained that the lines of our hands change when we change our attitude and outlook on life, which is why palmistry is such an excellent tool for self-development. It allows us to focus on the areas of our life most in need of work, and as we strive to improve those aspects of our lives, it lets us monitor our progress by tracking the changing lines of our palm.

“It won’t happen overnight,” I cautioned her. “Your habits, self-doubts and negative mindset have developed over many years, it will take time to undo them. But as the great Himalayan yogi Babaji said, `Banat, Banat, Ban Jai’—by doing, doing, it is done.”

In Elizabeth’s case, what she needed to “do” first was calm her mind and connect with her inner serenity. We began with a series of breathing exercises and a daily meditation routine.

We met once a month to discuss the positive changes in her life and take fresh handprints to see if the lines in her hands changed to match up with her life changes. They always did, and she always left my office feeling encouraged and determined to continue on her new path.

As she felt better about herself, she was no longer driven by the need to jump from relationship to relationship seeking validity. She was released from the patterns of past behaviour and preoccupations that had taken control of her life and held her captive for so long.

In her “after” handprints, we can see the busy network of interference lines subsiding, reflecting her more peaceful, confident, and focused approach to life.

Elizabeth experienced a major life transformation with the help of Vedic palmistry, and she did it by changing one line at a time.

In my personal coaching sessions, I help clients to improve any aspect of their personal or professional life that is causing them difficulty—from building self-confidence, to developing charisma t o finding love.

For information about our palmistry programs, or to arrange an appointment with me, either in person, by phone or by Skype, call us at 866.428.3799 or click here to book an appointment. We’re here to help.


Mars is free at last. After eight intense months—much of which was spent in a heated battle with restrictive Saturn—Mars orbited out of Scorpio in mid-September toward a new-found freedom in the less turbulent cosmic atmosphere of Sagittarius.

Mars normally does very well in its home sign of Scorpio. But during most of the year it was forced to share Scorpio with Saturn—which, like Mars, is a malefic planet. By nature, Mars and Saturn are polar opposites. Mars, the warrior, is combative and driven by dynamic action and unfettered forward movement; Saturn insists on reasoned reflection, introspection and plodding discipline. When two malefic planets of such opposite natures come together the resulting tension, friction and explosive display of fireworks can disrupt our lives and our world. This was certainly evident in the social turmoil we witnessed—terrorist attacks, mass murders and political mudslinging—in the months leading up to and following the August 24th Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.

Now that Mars is in Sagittarius with Saturn slowly disappearing in its rearview mirror, we can all breathe a little a bit easier—things are likely to be more peaceful on that front, allowing many areas of our lives to open up again.

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive, beneficent planet Jupiter, and Mars is good friends with Jupiter. That friendship allows Mars to adopt, defend and assert many of Jupiter’s virtues—tolerance, noble ambition, positive thinking, personal dignity, spiritual development and the promotion of constructive humanitarian pursuits. No longer preoccupied with battling Saturn’s controlling and limiting influence, Mars can now take a wider world view and champion righteous causes . . . it can become the noble, protective warrior instead of the bloody and ferocious combat-ready soldier.

Mars’ fiery temperament also resonates perfectly with Sagittarius, which is a fire sign. The heat created by this combination will ignite within us a renewed passion and optimism for life, as well as an enthusiasm to move forward in our personal endeavors while helping others to do the same.

In fact, we may become so enthusiastic about performing good deeds and supporting causes during Mars’ sojourn in Sagittarius that we must be cautious not to become impatient, self-righteous, or lose our tempers if others fail to share our eagerness, gusto or ideals. We must also be careful to maintain our equilibrium and not get carried away while pursuing our goals. Sagittarius can instill in us so much fervor that we can easily overestimate our own strength and end up overexerting ourselves, exhausting our energies and becoming discouraged when we are unable to accomplish as much as we would have liked.

So, as long as we don’t bite off more than we can chew and conduct ourselves with discernment, the next weeks promise to be a positive and productive period—and a welcome change from the stressful and difficult months we’ve endured since Mars began its prolonged encounter with Saturn in Scorpio this past February.

If you would like help benefiting from the energy of Mars in Sagittarius, give us a call at 866-428-3799, or click here to book a consultation. We are here to help.

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 Navaratri - October 1st thru October 10th

Navaratri, one of the most sacred and joyous festivals in the Hindu world, begins this Saturday and continues for the next nine nights and ten days.

Navaratri symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and is observed through fasting, prayer, worshipful offerings and communal song and dance. It is a celebration of the power, fertility, strength, beauty, purity, courage and wisdom of the Divine Mother—the feminine aspect of God embodied in the supreme goddess, Durga.

Durga’s name translates from the Sanskrit as the “invincible one” and “remover of all miseries”. According to Hindu Mythology, Durga bravely slew the demon Mahishasura, who was terrorizing the universe with all manner of wickedness: violence, selfishness, and arrogance. Her heroic action freed us to peacefully pursue happiness, success and a higher awareness free of the bonds of ego. Durga epitomizes sacrifice, salvation and the countless other noble attributes of motherhood, which are represented by the many different avatar goddesses (or Devis) through which she appears. The word Nava-ratri itself means "nine nights”, and each night of the festival is dedicated to honouring a goddess presenting a different facet of Mother Durga.

And, as Durga is also considered the unified representation of the Tridevi—the trinity of the goddesses Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati—the blessing of each of these goddesses are invoked individually for three nights during Navaratri. The first three nights are dedicated to Parvati, who instills in us the indomitable strength of her divine love and devotion. The next three nights are devoted to Laskshmi, the goddess of spiritual and material prosperity, who bestows inexhaustible wealth upon her devotees. The final three nights of the festival belong to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts, who leads us to wisdom and higher consciousness.

Mother Durga is often referred to as Devi Shakti, the manifestation of the divine female energy through which the universe was created and is sustained, an energy that defies the cycle of birth and death, that defies time itself—the cosmic energy that animates the universal life force and illuminates every soul with eternal consciousness.

Weather we celebrate Navaratri or not, this nine-night period is a goddess-given opportunity to reflect upon the beauty, strength and sacrifice symbolized by motherhood; to remember our own mothers and thank them for all they have given us and helped us to achieve.



The ability to freely express ourselves is a defining aspect of human happiness. Do you want to feel the happiness and satisfaction we derive from expressing ourselves freely? We can help you—check out Blake’s story.

Blake was an extraordinarily good cars salesman. Everyone agreed, he was the Wayne Gretzky of automobile sales. Even when he was in high school and working part-time at his dad’s used car lot, Blake consistently out-sold his older, fulltime colleagues.

By the time he’d enrolled in university to study psychology, Blake had earned enough money to buy his own home and two of the late model Porches he was so talented at selling. During his first year of study he continued to sell cars at a luxury car dealership, which allowed him to marry the beautiful young daughter of the owner. No one doubted that he was going to be a huge success.

But when I met Blake shortly after his 26th birthday, he was a broken man—emotionally shattered and physically exhausted. He’d dropped out of school during his final year and went through a bitter divorce, in which he lost his house, cars and all his savings.

“I couldn’t do it anymore, Guylaine. Everyone thought I was Mr. Super Salesman because I knew a lot about cars. . . but that wasn’t true. I knew about people, that’s why I wanted to study psychology: I knew what people wanted, and I knew what they thought they wanted—so it was easy to sell them expensive cars, even when they clearly couldn’t afford it. But it made me miserable—I wanted to help people, not take advantage of them or put them into impossible debt. But I couldn’t tell them take the bus, or go buy an inexpensive used car from my dad. My boss, my wife, my friends and my colleagues relied on me to make money. I was never able to tell them that wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I walked away from it all. It cost me everything I had and I still can’t explain what went wrong. My life is over, I’m a loser.”

After taking Blake’s handprints, I understood why he had kept silent about his feelings for so many years. There was no indication whatsoever of a Mercury line in his hand, which is evident in his “before” handprint. He had solid head and heart lines, representing a keen mind and generous heart, but they were stifled and suffocated without the support of Mercury, or any other minor line.


In classical mythology, wing-footed Mercury was the messenger of the gods—his job was to make sure the immortals were able to readily communicate with each other. In the hand, the line of Mercury also represents communication—it reflects our ability to convey our needs, desires, dreams and ideas, and the happiness and satisfaction we derive from expressing ourselves freely.

A strong Mercury line tells us that we understand who we are and are comfortable within ourselves and in the world. Mercury enables us to explore the depths of our subconscious mind, develop our unique gifts and talents, and share them with the world.

Blake didn’t know who he was, although he was aware of who he wasn’t. He felt trapped, and had become so frustrated with his inability to express himself that, in an act of desperation, he had chosen to simply disappear from his life.

During a series of counseling sessions—during which I recommended daily meditation and breathing exercises—I convinced Blake that by changing his thoughts and outlook on life he could change the lines in his hand . . . he could leave his anguish and heartache behind, learn to express himself, and create a happy and fulfilling future.

After several months of coaching, I noticed the beginning of a Mercury line in Blake’s right palm—it signaled an awakening of his inner self, an awareness of who he was and what he was meant to do in life. Within a year Blake had developed a strong Mercury line, which is seen in his “after” handprint, indicating that he’d found the self-confidence and inner contentment needed to express himself effortlessly. He also developed a healthy Sun line, reflecting his new-found conviction, and a growing magnetism that quickly drew an amazing number of positive people and circumstances into his life.

Soon Blake returned to school and completed his psychology degree, he remarried, had two children, became a college lecturer and opened a private counselling practice with his new wife. Most importantly, he was happy.

The ability to freely express ourselves is a defining aspect of human happiness; without it, we are in danger of retreating into our own misery and develop a medley of physical and psychological illnesses. When we learn to communicate our dreams, ambitions and individuality, we can soar towards joy with the speed and ease of winged-Mercury.

You would like to develop you own Mercury line? Give me a call at 866-428-3799, or book a consultation by clicking here.

I would love to hear your comments on this story and answer any questions you have regarding your own Mercury line that I can include in future articles.

In Vedic culture, the next few days mark the end of Pitru Paksha, a special period set aside to express love and gratitude to our cherished family members who have passed away.

This year’s Pitru Paksha began with the September 16th full moon lunar eclipse and concludes on the evening of the new moon September 30th.  Hundreds of millions of people in India and around the world pay homage to ancestors and departed loved ones during Pitru Paksha by performing spiritual rituals such as fire ceremonies, reciting specific mantras and prayers and preparing special meals.

Regardless of your religious affiliations or beliefs, this is an auspicious time to remember and reflect upon the spirit of loved ones who have physically left this world. Hold them in your thoughts and prayers and send them all the loving energy you feel for them in your heart.

Did the planets play a role in wreaking havoc on the relationship of Hollywood’s most famous, glamorous, and philanthropic couple? There are definite indications that they did.

The timing of last week’s split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie coincided with two of the most emotionally turbulent astrological periods of the year—the effects of the full moon lunar eclipse of September 16th were well underway and Mercury retrograde was at full force when the marriage was tested.

In a post we ran last month, we advised that during the eclipse season from August 18th to September 16th, including a Mercury retrograde beginning August 30th, emotions can run high, rational thought can be derailed and interpersonal communications break down, and that the best course of action is to remain calm, meditate and avoid making any major life decisions—like filing for divorce—until the retrograde cycle was complete. The days leading up to, during, and immediately following the full moon lunar eclipse of September 16th are especially regarded by many as a highly cautionary period during which our judgment may be poor. Just one of these cosmic events could spell trouble in a relationship—especially one that’s already strained—but both occurring simultaneously could push a fragile union over the edge. On top of all that, Mars was in the challenging 29th degree, which is especially agitating for anyone with a strong Mars influence in their chart, as is the case with Brad.

According to news reports, Jolie filed for divorce just hours before the lunar eclipse; her decision was instigated by an uncharacteristic (but very Mercury retrograde-like) lapse in rational behaviour by Pitt, who allegedly went on an abusive rant directed at his wife and their children during a flight to Los Angeles.

It would be a karmic tragedy indeed if planetary influences drove this magnetic and magnanimous couple apart, given the good they have done in the world through their joint humanitarian works, their significant efforts to foster world peace, and their inspiring resolve to create a loving and harmonious blended family in an era of rising racial tensions and discord.

But the forces that drew them together 12 years ago—Brad’s powerful Mars and Angelina’s ethereal Moon—that transformed them into the universally recognizable unit of Brangelina, and finally compelled them to officially tie the marriage knot in 2014, may turn out to be the same forces that are now tearing them asunder.

Angelina’s Vedic natal chart reveals a staggering degree of charisma, creativity, beauty, ingenuity and a passion to shine brilliantly—as seen in her Venus, ruler of the 4th and 11th houses, being placed in the 1st house of Cancer. The placement of Venus in the 1st house, however, threatens her feelings of stability. This suggests that she is likely to go to extremes to protect her sense of security or ward off any perceived danger to the security of those she loves, particularly her children. Any challenge she does face—be it from Brad or elsewhere—will make her all the more formidable, given the fire of Scorpio in her 5th house that relates to her creativity, passion and love. The greater the challenge, the stronger and more resolute she becomes.

Her concern for the wellbeing of her children (several of whom are adopted from poorer nations), and her love for humanity in general, are expressed through her Jupiter in Pisces in her 9th house, aspecting an exalted Cancer in the 1st house of personality.

The mount of Jupiter in her hand is also very pronounced, with several Rings of Solomon depicting her staunch dignity, innate wisdom, resoluteness, unshakably survival instinct, and a driving need to exert her personality. The real hurdle Angelina faces is the placement of Rahu in Scorpio in the 5th house, which makes difficult aspects to her Moon in the 9th house, Sun in the 11th house and her Cancer ascendant. Rahu can be an instigator of separation—it can eclipse her positive Jovian qualities, including the love she feels for Brad, pushing her toward feelings of wrath instead of reason or appeasement. She has displayed this trait in the past toward her father, actor Jon Voight, who left Jolie and her mother when Angelina was very young, presenting a major threat to her sense of stability at an early age. She came to resent her dad, eventually broke off all contact with him, and for many years remained bitterly estranged.

Brad’s natal chart, although quite different from Angelina’s, bears striking similarities to his wife’s. Like Angelina, Brad has Jupiter in its home sign of Pisces, which denotes a great personality charged with multiple Jovian qualities, including optimism, civility, decency, ambition and a natural inclination to nurture positive causes. However, Brad is strongly driven by Mars, the warrior planet, which rules his communication, self-expression and desire. Mars is the ruler of his 1st house, the house that determines how we portray ourselves to the world, and it is sitting in the 2nd house of fiery Sagittarius.

Brad’s hand also reflects this powerful Mars influence, which is evident in his incredibly prominent Mars galaxy, and in the Mars-dominated features of his face—particularly his eyes, forehead and cheekbones.

The overwhelming presence of Mars in his personality instills Brad with a conviction that he can weather any storm, be it scandal, stress, fame, opposition or addictions, without breaking a sweat and wearing a smile. Mars exudes the warrior aura of, “this is my life to lead and enjoy as I see fit, don’t dare tell me how to live it!” But Mars is also the protective soldier, and that determined spirit to courageously care for and protect the causes and people he loves is outstandingly profound in Brad.

The electric interaction of their strong, individualistic and compassionate personalities is what has made Brad and Angelina such a powerful, effective and dynamic couple. It would be a shame if they part on acrimonious terms, and potentially devastating for their children, whom they have so lovingly nurtured together.

Despite what the tabloids suggest, from an astrological perspective there is reason to hold out hope that, with the appropriate guidance, they can repair any damage done and reconcile. Angelina’s strong Jovian characteristics provide her with an expansive view and an open heart; Brad’s deep-rooted Mars strength suggests great potential to rekindle the spirit of love. With forgiveness, respect and a mutual understanding of each other’s vulnerabilities, they can overcome their differences—for the sake of their marriage, their children, and the good they bring to world when they work together as a team.

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